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by TheNextGeneration
24 March 2012, 14:31
Forum: Custom Content Forum
Topic: TNG's Mods *CXL 2011 Only
Replies: 17
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Re: TNG's Mods

Sorry if these mods don't work with Cities XL 2012, I don't own it so I can't test it for the game.

Wow...I just realized that the last post was in November 2011...

Well, the new mods will probably be uploaded soon, so hold tight!
by TheNextGeneration
21 January 2012, 19:51
Forum: General Forum
Topic: Cities XL2012 - MultiCore Problem (Solution)
Replies: 7
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Re: Cities XL2012 - MultiCore Problem (Solution)

Going to try; I have almost the EXACT same specs as you. :o

Hopefully this does the same with CXL 2011.

Edit: When I click on "Use All Cores" nothing happens at all.
by TheNextGeneration
05 October 2011, 23:09
Forum: Blabla
Topic: Anno 2070
Replies: 7
Views: 4144

Re: Anno 2070

Cool. I haven't really looked at it yet, but from what I've seen, it looks pretty interesting. The only down side is that, from what I can see, you are only in control of industries and utilites. I'm so getting this game. Oh, and you'll be in control of nearly every aspect of the game. You can buil...
by TheNextGeneration
03 September 2011, 00:11
Forum: General Forum
Topic: CXL 2012 - What to expect?
Replies: 18
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Re: CXL 2012 - What to expect?

Three words:

Memory Leak Fix.
by TheNextGeneration
03 September 2011, 00:10
Forum: News
Topic: Cities XL 2012 unveils new images!
Replies: 32
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Re: Cities XL 2012 unveils new images!

They need to make a "Cities XL 2011 vs. Cities XL 2012" video for me, because I want to see if they actually fixed memory leaks.

If not, I'm not buying.
by TheNextGeneration
19 August 2011, 13:11
Forum: City Showcase
Topic: Picture contest
Replies: 727
Views: 98482

Re: Picture contest

Oliver: 1
diScOpOlis: 4

I love small, realistic towns :D
by TheNextGeneration
24 July 2011, 00:17
Forum: Technical Forum
Topic: Cities XL 2011 Stats vs. CXL 2009
Replies: 14
Views: 3350

Re: Cities XL 2011 Uses 25-30% of my CPU...

EDIT Post #2- Here are some stats that I got while playing Cities Xl and Cities Xl 2011 At 10k Pop CXL 2009 got 60-62 FPS At 1mil Pop CXL 2009 got 40 FPS At 2mil Pop CXL 2009 got 25-30 FPS At 3mil Pop CXL 2009 got 15-25 FPS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At 10k Pop CXL 2011 got 22 FPS At 1mil Pop CX...
by TheNextGeneration
24 July 2011, 00:11
Forum: Blabla
Topic: Three Word Story
Replies: 122
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Re: Three Word Story

and he felt

(Oh, hi)
by TheNextGeneration
05 July 2011, 19:00
Forum: General Forum
Topic: Cities XL 2012 discussion thread - READ FIRST POST
Replies: 742
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Re: Cities XL 2012 discussion thread

Also, I will not be buying this game if it is anything near / above the price of CXL 2011 or 2009 (Unless it adds outrageous amounts of content). Im not paying 40 Euros just to get something I should have gotten before...

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