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Postby Epy » 11 December 2014, 16:38

The world's largest city builder is back!

The Cities XL franchise returns with Cities XXL: a bigger, better city builder pushing the city limits to the edge of your imagination, as seen in the stunning world reveal trailer. Running on a vastly improved game engine, Cities XXL offers classic and extended city-building content, including over 1000+ buildings, 70+ maps including new landscapes and environments, and ecological features making CitiesXXL the 'greenest' Cities XL game yet.

Discover in the first Cities XXL video the sprawling cityscapes and city-life in action, to get a sense of the scale and grandeur of the game:

As you'll see in the video, CitiesXXL lets you design and build a sprawling metropolis across many different landscapes and maps, with varying available resources - from oil to fertile farm land - to keep the denizens of your city content. Featuring four classes of citizens spanning four densities of housing, you'll watch as your cosmopolitan paradise grows from a quiet suburban town to huge economic powerhouse.

With varying road-sizes, including curved roads, bridges, and tunnels unlocked from the start, you'll be able to plan the entrance to your city and its layout before you start plotting its city-scape. As it grows, take advantage of a unique richly detailed street-level view, and meet the citizens as they drive to work, ski, play basketball, or even parachute of the top of towers in unprecedented detail for the genre.

Cities XXL features low-level city management mechanics, such as local air and noise pollution levels illustrated with the new stream-lined UI, and beauty hot-spots suitable for holiday locations to supplement cash-flow.
At citizen management level, you'll be able to track a person's route to work in order to best manage transport from sea, underground and over-ground rail, or air. Cut-down on traffic queues with the park and ride and busses, or even bike hire - reducing that carbon footprint!

Now with Steam Workshop support and streamlined modding, it has never been easier and quicker to share and download user-created content for a Cities XL game. With Cities XXL, you'll be able to use widely available free tools online to create your content and upload it to the Steam Workshop, for all players to download it right through Steam!

To find out why Cities XXL helps you to build a bigger, better world, see the feature break-down below:
  • Over 70 huge maps across multiple terrains and landscapes, from the tropics to the mountains and all in between.
  • Region specific roads to match your country: French, English, German, etc.
  • Over 1000 buildings, many with civilian activity animations to enjoy at street level
  • Greener options for the environment conscious, such as the park and ride, bike hire, and ability to upgrade industrial buildings to reduce emissions
  • Unprecedented detail for the city builder genre, with multiple sky-boxes to choose from and a dynamic time-of-day
  • Steam Workshop support to easily create, share and download new content

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THE CITIES XXL - Feature Request

Postby Ibizanhound » 14 December 2014, 13:57

Hello to everyone!
I cannot seem to find a request section in the forum so I ll leave this here.

First of all I would like to express my excitement about the return of my favorite city builder!
Welcome back Cities XL!!!

So here are some features I would like to have in the future.

I would like to have parametric buildings.
I want to control if a building has balconies, on which side, if its aligned to the rest in the neighborhood or random, if it has a ground level parking area or underground, size of pavements around the block, mandatory area of green/ gardens around each building or even on the rooftops, space between building or continuous / attached buildings.

I would like to have real life city models to experiment with.

I would like to have more sophisticated management. Example: Statistics about how many people live/ work in a building. If its a tall building and I want to imply a 5 level maximum policy in that area, I would like to see in how many smaller buildings this tall building will break into, and what surface coverage it will have.

I would like to plant individual trees and have great variety.

Speaking about real life, I would like to have real events affect to be introduced dynamically into the game. Example: changes in oil prices, stock market losses, specific government budgets on clean energy.

Another experimental part could be introducing future technologies into the gameplay, with the player having to invest on their development for a specific amount of time before they become available. It would be nice if these future technologies were based on today's real world researches that are been carried out around the world (Each description of the technology could even have a link to the real world web page were it is being presented.)




I am really excited to see that Cities XL is not dead and I wish all the best to the dev team to make it evolve into something far more massive!
Thank you for reading.

( P.S. Feel free to move this message to the right section of the forum, if it doesn't belong here, I just couldn't find a request section )

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Postby bobqwerty » 19 December 2014, 19:44

That's awesome news. Cities XL is still the best looking city builder hands down. Lukily multi-threading will allow us to overcome the +1 million agents barrier withal the new buildings will make for diversity. I'm all for it. :D

I have a couple of questions. Is there any chance Cities XXL will support AMD Mantle? It would be the perfect mariage. Also, about the mods threshold. I imagine with the multi-threading support it should allow us to load more than 4Gb in our mods folder. Can you give us an insight if the multi-threading support means it's native 64-bit?

ps. @Ibizanhound: Check XLNation, most of these can be recreated with mods (see seawalls, Sydney harbour bridge, malls, harbor packs, etc).

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Postby Dreian » 29 December 2014, 12:29

Over 1000 buildings, this was already announced with Cities XL 2012 & Platinum... Platinum was only adding 50 "new" buildings to the 2012 version (i am puting some "", because there were a few retextures), so the big question is how much new content are you providing us players (who like me have been in the adventure since first 2009 CXL edition & upgraded to 2011, 2012, Platinum)

Multicore fix is nice & should have been probably managed earlier... which make me expect XXL to bring even more new content...

While there is plenty of skyscrapers thanks to the community, there is still a lack of smaller buildings (max 10 to 15 floors) for retail, offices... some large but not high T3...

Anyways thanks for not having axed the franchise... & bring us more buildings! Maybe that would be nice of you (FHI) to discuss with players which kind of buildings they would like to see in the game...

ps: don't forget to tease us with the new buildings you are adding to our gameplay :)))

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Re: THE CITIES XXL... So much potential :(

Postby dk3d » 27 January 2015, 15:25

Ok, first off, I love the graphics in this game and the vast scales. Been an owner of the series going back several versions (5 or 6 years or more perhaps). You really feel like you're looking at a real city, in a real city, with real cars and people walking around. The graphics and detail are top notch.

This game is, and always has been >ssoooooo< close to blowing out stuff like SimCity (and would have put that serious out of business) except for one really crippling flaw in my opinion.

In the real world, one does not plan a city by laying down zones for poor, middle class, and upper class citizens (class, I think this game refers to). In the real world,These areas morph and change over time based on how well you build your city.

In real life, or other sims, You >may< end up building in a high income area, upper class, but that's only a temporary situation. In the real world, you area simply designating zones that "Can be" built, and of what type: houses, stores, industrial, etc...

In 10 years, that upper class area may have changed dynamically to low-class if things like dollar stores and cheap 7 elevens are allowed to build. That's how real life works. And more or less how the Sim series worked.

Inotherwords, the Sim series, for whatever other flaws it had, was truly a simulation game where you could play "what if" scenarious because you had control, but not total control. Drop down a residential area, you could only prod wealthing citizens to move there, but didn't have final say. Place a good school, remove the 7-elevens, maybe the income would rise and wealthy would move in. And this is why the game was fun.

In Cities, this is all static. And it totally changes the game, from a game, to a building exercise really.

In all the "Cities" series, this one change makes playing the game, not so much a game, but rather feel like building a few static, unchanging (unless you bulldoze) city.

The is THE only thing the Sim series got correct. In those, you place down a type of zone (residential, commercial, industrial), a density, and based on factors around these zones, they either attract or repel certain income groups. Exactly like the real world.

I'm not totally sure what the thinking was here and why Cities continues to go down this rather "static" city building route. As I said, it ends up playing out more like a city planning presentation, vs a fun city planning ("Let's see what happens if I do this..") game.

I would argue the popularity of the Sim series (well except 5 which was terrible) vs Cities over the years might bear out my arguments in that one was always more "fun" to play vs one which was easier to build because it wasn't really a game (Cities).

I'm disappointed. This game could seriously be the end all of city building games. Graphically, no one comes even close and never has. But it's just not a fun game because there's one flaw the changes everything. I keep holding out hope year after year that a light bulb will go off with the developers "Oh yeah!", but it never seems to happen.

Take away the "Income" or class zoning, and let the citizens decide where they want to live, and you've got a killer game. Keep everything else, density, type of zone, etc.. and you've nailed it.

Keep this strange zoning method and I think Cities will always be that city building game no one ever heard of.

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Postby denza025 » 27 January 2015, 17:28

Hello guys! I've just found out for this forums! I am a big fan of all cities XL games!
I wanted to ask you guys if there is anyone who can buy Cities XXL on Steam with that 50% discount for owners of Cities XL 2012 and Cities XL Platinum?
I can buy Cities XXL but price is around 30 euros and thats more then I can afford right now..
I would pay you in items from CS:GO (Counter-Strike:Global Offensive) and then you can sell them via Steam Market to get your money back. I dont know the other way to buy original game at the discount price.. :(
My steam nickname is denza025
Sorry for bothering you like this, I just dont know what to do...

Have a nice day!

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Postby shane41_ab_ca » 01 February 2015, 23:15

A trailer that is nothing more than a commercial. Can't find one vid that shows any real time gameplay. Didn't recieve any offer to try out a beta in my email. Got a "50% off" offer in my email but once at the site could only select "20% off" offer. I do own the original/previous versions so wtf? Any reviews on the game only talks about what the trailers tell you or their website says. No one has played one second of this new release ...beta or otherwise ...from what I can tell. Am I gonna be able to select any region to play or get screwed out of 99% of map choices cuz i didn't start d/l and playing by 12:00.001 past midnight? First come first to get? I should be able to play any region for my money... Not what crap regions are left. When you buy a keyboard do they take your money then say" oh sorry, all the keyboards with a space bar are taken so you will have to do without a space bar" ?

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