New Screenshots of Cities XL 2012 Unveiled!

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Re: New Screenshots of Cities XL 2012 Unveiled!

Postby Romaq » 20 September 2011, 19:25

Steam support? Will this be a DLC on Steam or is there some means where we can get the discount? I now legally own two copies, the one on steam and the one I bought but I could not get to install for the life of me.

Technical improvement details? Anyone? Anyone?

Are map slots open so we can create our own maps (or use maps made by others) WITHOUT destroying existing slots? Hello? Anyone available to answer serious technical but extremely important questions over there?

The pictures look nice, I guess, though at a glance I can't really tell if they were done on CXL 2009 or CXL 2011. I suppose I'm a tad jaded, but the images and news so far really tells me nothing of how fouled this purchase will be using STEAM, or if I will have to destroy some of their maps to enjoy maps other people make, or if I will have to watch for memory leak issues.

Oh well, perhaps at some point we can get past the "pictures I can't really see a difference at a glance" and "more buildings (which we could have modded on our own) and more maps (which we could have made ourselves and enjoyed)" to "We fixed these known bugs, solved the memory leaks and made map slots open-ended." You know, news with some meat on it instead of, "same pile of pretty poop with more sprinkles on it."

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Re: New Screenshots of Cities XL 2012 Unveiled!

Postby MR.sugar » 20 September 2011, 20:51

It's nice to see that Focus is active in PR. A bit late, but still... Anyway, instead of repeating all the info all over again (new buildings, maps...), it would be appreciated to actually announce something new for us, like more detailed info on the modding tools.

Maps do look nice btw.

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Re: New Screenshots of Cities XL 2012 Unveiled!

Postby X-Flame » 20 September 2011, 21:17

New map looks awesome. Some seriously good looking canyons in there. I also really like the twisted building we see in some screenshots.

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Re: New Screenshots of Cities XL 2012 Unveiled!

Postby Asheroo » 20 September 2011, 22:28

ohadi195 wrote:
Asheroo wrote:Hmm, definitely some scaling issues with the Burj Khalifa. Well, there are already many scaling issues with buildings in the game.

Ah well, the modders will do better. Thanks for the update on the release date too.

Hey Asheroo, sorry but I can't see any problem with it's scale. first, you must remember that the Burj Khlifa is a very tall building, but actually it's not that BIG.

it's height is 828 m, however it's roof top without the antena is 621.3 m.. even more, it is really small building since it's floor area is only 309,473 m^2 (just to compare, the world trade center twin towers floor area was 400,000 m^2 each even though it's height was "only" 417 m without the antena)

I hope you got my point ;)

anyway, nice new images there ty vince. can't wait for the game to be released!

Sorry but I've got to disagree about the height (the floor area is fine to me though).

I think it's clear, particularly in the 2nd shot with the two Burj Khalifas that it's way out of scale. They're both next to the rotating restaurant tower (as it is called in the game) which isn't really too tall, only just going above the tallest of the office buildings.

To give you an idea, the height of that tower should be just a bit bellow the height of the Eiffel Tower...

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Re: New Screenshots of Cities XL 2012 Unveiled!

Postby ohadi195 » 20 September 2011, 22:45

@ Asheroo I think you are wrong.. first, the cn tower is 553.33 m which is quiie in scale with the second image. second, the buildings are on the mountains with different ground level (I guess) and the angle of the screenshoot is also play a role. here you can see it better:


Uploaded with

besides, I'm not sure they ment to scale it perfectlly since the buildings are not 100% as those in real life. they made a good job with it's size that's for sure! you can see easilly it's not very massive building. just a very tall Antena lol :lol:

the other buildings are amazing, if you look carefully you can notice many new buildings! that's awesome I like the curved building and the one that reminds me the new world trade center :P

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Re: New Screenshots of Cities XL 2012 Unveiled!

Postby Asheroo » 21 September 2011, 01:49

Umm, that tower is not at all supposed to represent anything near the CN Tower. And if you look at the floors, look at other buildings around it and their heights, you'll see it's probably about the height of a 90 floor building or so, and about the height of the Eiffel Tower. It's definitely out of scale with the height.

By the way, this picture is better...

Other people in other threads have thought the same as well. Anyway, doesn't matter, it won't be fixed in time at all.

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Re: New Screenshots of Cities XL 2012 Unveiled!

Postby hybridmike09 » 24 September 2011, 22:56

More building are nice but, the fact that any other bug fixes is absent scares me. Extra maps and buildings should just be part of a patch or DLC. The price for this is the same as CXL's of earlier (not including the "deal"). If I calculated correctly, here in North America, it's $39.99. This was the price of CXL '09. If you look back from this one to '12; 90 % is the same including the bugs. Like I've been saying here as well as the bug forum; the way traffic is handled in the intersection of roads that have 2 or more lanes is so unreal. Also, when there is traffic, sometimes cars are half on half off the road. I've mentioned this and nothing is done. subways were added but Im just guessing they took everything when Monte Cristo folded and didnt need to do anything yet announced....trains. There's no mention of any replay value concerning the maps. Where you click on a type of map on one side of the "cxl" world or the other, of the same map....the maps are identical. There's no fun if you decide you don't like that map but want some randomization. I wish it would allow us to terraform before we commit to the map. With the graphics in CXL, I was hoping the traffic lights and anything associated with transport (people, goods etc) would get a makeover or at least have a good start. It was one thing I was disappointed with in '09 (including no randomization of maps). Cities in Motion was surprisingly good building a transport system and I hope that the powers that be in FHI can create a CXL with elements of Cities in Motion but why do I think, CXL will get left out of the cold. Seems like there is nothing new and fresh If CXL '12 only has 300 more buildings and minor additions, there's no point in my mind to buy it. I'll keep an eye and see if anything turns up but with the teeth pulling, getting small info out from FHI and no real major fixes....I won't buy this anymore. I'll just wait and pray the original Maxis developers create SimCity 5 since SimcitiesSocieites was a disaster. I applaud Monte Cristo for trying and taking a chance; unfortunatly they folded. I was looking forward to FHI's take but it's simply CXL '09 with minor additions and MORE bugs.....very sloppy. One patch in 1 year is inexcusable. Now they want us to buy ' patience is gone. If modding means...that's they just rehash and run. One thing that bothered me in SC4 and the modding. I took a few gas stations online but the one thing that bothered me; my commercial employment went up from 300 to 1,000,000.....not very realistic. Hopefully, the modding will help CXL but like i said, I'm not going to preorder for the first time.....I will wait and see. Hope for the best but expecting the worst case scenario. I wish SOMEONE will create a bold realistic City-simulator!!!

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Re: New Screenshots of Cities XL 2012 Unveiled!

Postby snick25 » 24 September 2011, 23:20

I have noticed a few odd things in the pictures.

First off, lots of the buildings seem to have been retextured. Now, this wouldn't be odd normally, but there are both retextured buildings and normal buildings mixed together it looks like, which is very odd to me. Doesn't this strike anyone else as odd?

Second, I agree with the others who are saying that the Burji Khalifa is way too short. But I have noticed scaling issues for other buildings as well. For example, the Sears Tower-looking building has too many floors for how short it is. Just look at how tall each window is and tell me you don't see any issues. In one of the pictures, a tree at the base of the building looks to be about 10 stories high, if we are to go by the scale that the building uses.

Finally, this isn't something odd, but I am just glad to see that there are plenty of new buildings in this game. Going through the pictures, I found too many to count. Although I would be even happier to find out this game has new transport features or doesn't have the performance issues 2011 had, this is still good news.

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Re: New Screenshots of Cities XL 2012 Unveiled!

Postby Simtopia23 » 25 September 2011, 12:16

Hi, i'm going to buy Cities Xl 2012(If u pre-order the game at gamestop u will save 10 euros) but idk if my pc will be suitable to runs the game.

my configuration is:

Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+
4,00 GB Ram
ATI Radeon HD 2600 pro

is this pc suitable for CXL2011/2012?

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Re: New Screenshots of Cities XL 2012 Unveiled!

Postby diScOpOlis » 25 September 2011, 16:58

These are the requirements needed for Cities XL 2011.

As of the actual main features and drivers stay the same for CXL2012 you should be able to play CXL2012 if you can play CXL2011

Minimum hardware / system requirements:
Processor / CPU: Pentium 4 – 2.5 GHz (or AMD equivalent) or higher
Memory / RAM: 1 GB (XP), 1.5 GB (Vista)
VGA: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT / ATI Radeon X1600
Hard drive: 8 GB of free space
OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1 or Windows 7
DirectX 9.0c

Recommended hardware requirements:
CPU: Pentium D 2.8 GHz or Athlon 64 4000+
VGA: GeForce GT 240 or Radeon HD 4670 512 MB
Become part of the best CXL-community website:

Visit my Youtube Video Channel and learn more about CXL and It's great mods at diScOpOlisCXL

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