Cities XL Platinum: a trailer with rhythm !

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Cities XL Platinum: a trailer with rhythm !

Postby Freki » 18 March 2013, 19:41

We are pleased to unveil today a trailer you could call...surprising? Original? It's up to you to choose the word once you watch this video created for the launch of Cities XL Platinum.

We also have to note that the game will benefit this week from an exceptional 33% discount on Steam! Owners of previous versions of Cities XL (2011 and 2012) will benefit from an even more incredible discount of 85%!

Cities XL managed to seduce nearly one million players around the world since 2012, by offering them the chance to create, develop and connect huge cities of all types and sizes.

Cities XL Platinum lets you use over 1000 buildings (including 50 new ones!) to freely build on more than 60 gigantic, varied and detailed maps.
The game lets you play as a modern urbanist, solving the daily challenge of managing an ever-growing city: supplying energy, managing transports... answering the needs of the citizens and finding the perfect balance between services such as employment, leisure business, and housing. Specialize your cities in different industries, establish commercial networks between them, and create an economic balance on an unprecedented scale.

The new buildings available exclusively in Cities XL Platinum bring the number of available buildings to over 1000, giving you incredible opportunities for city construction, on a scale never before seen in a City Builder. Recreate some of the biggest cities in the world, such as New York, Paris, Hong Kong or Rio de Janeiro, thanks to some of their most emblematic buildings and monuments!
With over 60 huge maps, you will face many challenges at the heart of incredibly detailed landscapes. Hilly terrain, difficult access to some natural resources, constructible areas... there are many, fascinating challenges that awaits all virtual mayors!

All this is perfectly illustrated in this official trailer that we invite you to discover right now!

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Re: Cities XL Platinum: a trailer with rhythm !

Postby nicko2u » 21 March 2013, 16:09

What is happening on Steam? seems those of us who own CXL 2012 no longer get the 85% discount!! or was it for a week only? why? you added a few new buildings and a new font fix?

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