Population/Residential.-Got carried away with suggestions.

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Population/Residential.-Got carried away with suggestions.

Postby ToiletWandX » 30 July 2010, 05:46

I'm just curious if anyone knows anything about the size of the maps.
Adding to that, I would also like to know if the residents per home/apartment building will be more realistic?

And a suggestion, I think that the game should include some type of purchasable upgrades, obviously by that I mean, IN-GAME, as, In the game-play, from taxes and whatnot.
I mean that right there is such a broad subject, I'm sure people could get their own ideas, rewards for accomplishment in-game, not for free, you have to earn them.

Or how about this, if anyone has played Tropico 3, you could issue Edicts, such as, "free food for the people" or perhaps AS AN EXAMPLE, secret police, media-newspaper, and other things of that sort. Not exactly micromanagement, but in that area.
Like I said, its a broad subject.

Feedback would be cool so I know I'm not alone, or... if I am alone in this thinking :(

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