Fans and Developer Collaboration

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Fans and Developer Collaboration

Postby Birdie » 02 August 2010, 07:27

Reading the sticky Idea thread (which is running into 21 pages just within days!) reminded me of the MC Forum pages of the past. Lots of ideas and in the end, raising too many potential players/buyers' expectation of the final game. My guess is CXL2011 is going to be just CXL 2009 + non-multiplayer Planet Offer features + some minor touch up - I hope I am wrong.

As I have indicated in a separate thread, city-building simulator's market is not huge (unlike shooters), Hence, the economics of developing a "perfect" game with all those great ideas incorporated is just not economical or realistic. But there are many die-hard fans like us whose life would be ruined without a good Simcity game! :| .

My idea to FHI is this:
- first, clean up the bugs and launch the CXL2011 game with option to allow expert players to mod and to create new buildings;
- create an Official fansite to allow fans to upload their mods and buildings. In exchange, fans must Agree (before uploading) to FHI using/adopting any of the mods/creations in its expansion packs;
- This simplifies FHI's effort to update/improve the game and to launch expansion packs or new games every year (e.g. Tiger Woods PGA Tour series). One would ask why would one need to buy a new game/expansion when the stuff can be downloaded free? My feel is that real fans will buy (again, see Tiger Woods PGA Tour series) and with continuity, new players will be attracted to the game.
- Fans like us will enjoy continuity with the game unlike the past when we have to wait years for the next launch. Meanwhile, FHI can profit from it and keep the game going.

Just a thought.

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