Road Placement

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Road Placement

Postby ShaneF » 16 January 2011, 17:07

Hey all...

I have had this game for over a week or so now and I love it. Been playing it every free moment that I have, but one thing eludes me when reading up on this game or looking at videos or pictures online.

In a lot of the video's I am seeing, users a placing two avenues next to each other and then later on when highways gets unlocked they delete those roads and lay down these types of roads. One of my biggest issues when I start a city is that once the city gets past the 10k mark, the city goes to a standstill because my road network when I had first laid down is really bad and when I try to start laying down new road types, there is now not enough room to build them. Now I been laying down zones using the "free form" and "grid" system using "roads" as the inner and depending on where I am laying the zone, I'll switch to Small Ave or Road.

Without the "upgrade roads" mod (I like to play Mod Free) what is the best approach to starting the road network out of the box since you don't have the major roads until your population hits a certain amount. What's the best method for placing zones... near major roads or in "bubbles" far away from the potential "road network". Thanks for your replies in advance!

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Re: Road Placement

Postby V4nKw15h » 16 January 2011, 20:47

I too play mod/cheat free and the road upgrade problem only appears to be a problem until you realise that as your city expands you will need to rip up your blocks of housing and move them around to keep things efficient anyway.

The best advice that I can give is don't get too precious about the initial design of your city. Slap it down fast. Get used to automatically laying down blocks of housing and ripping them back out again whenever needed. Things don't start to properly settle down until you have unlocked expressways so be rough and fast about the design of your city until that point.

It's simply the nature of the game if you want to play it vanilla. When I want to upgrade roads I will rip up whole blocks and shift them to the edge of my city temporarily. I'll rebuild the new road system and then move the buildings back. It's no problem if you are expecting you will need to do it.

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Re: Road Placement

Postby HiddenWolf » 16 January 2011, 21:58

You could start playing in 'expert' mode, which unlocks all buildings and roads from the start.

However, as the population grows you'll always have parts of the design that don't work and have to be reconsidered, so no city grows from tiny village to metropolis without some painful choices. You could leave open space between blocks and neighborhoods in order to make things easier later on.

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Re: Road Placement

Postby ShaneF » 17 January 2011, 03:40

I am pulling like ~23k in my current map (was around 40k before I started laying down services.) because of my massive food exports to Omicorp. I guess I can do that and then build up tons of cash and rip everything up and then rebuild it in "pause" mode.

Well... that at least tells me that how people are doing it just like in real life when they decide to do a major road project and have to "redirect" people through the construction. :D It wouldn't be that bad I just not going to try to "upgrade" the current roads until I get to expressways. I have a large chuck of residential stacked on top of each other with the farms on the other side of the road, but I only have to destroy a few blocks to get to lay down the express way. The fun part will be having to rebuild.

I am guessing once you have everything laid out in terms of roads and then once you rebuild the zones, "people" will move back in unlike in real life :)

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