Forum rules (read first)

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Forum rules (read first)

Postby Vince » 18 January 2011, 12:23

Hello everyone,

Those rules are already formally applied on the boards, but having them written is always a good thing.

Please keep in mind that this is here to help keeping a polite tone on the boards ^^.

Thanks in advance to everyone for reading those lines.


1. Ownership:

The official Cities XL 2011 Forums (further called "The forum(s)" and "The board(s)) are provided by Focus Home Interactive. For administrative questions please contact a member of the usergroup "Focus Team".

2. Purpose:

The forum was founded for communication about the games Cities XL (now known as Cities XL 2009) and Cities XL 2011 (further called "the game(s)).

There are also off topic boards, which can be used for discussions about themes which are not associated to the game. Off topic posts in the game boards may be deleted or moved without warning or notification.

3. Behaviour:

All discussions must always be kept friendly and respectful. Every user is welcome to state their opinion, as long as what they say (post) is not:
• Against the law
• Against the terms of use
• Containing any rude or offensive language
• Discriminatory or a slur on any group of people
• An attack on or bullying towards another user
• For any other reason likely to be deemed inappropriate.

The opinion of every user must be respected by everyone, regardless of how much it differs from your own.

These restrictions are valid for all methods of communication on the board (for example: Public posts, private messages...)

4. Discussion:

If you have any questions, or if you want to start a discussion, check first to see whether an existing thread already exists with the same theme. If there is no thread which is suitable, please open a new one in the most appropriate board. Choose a title that describes what is discussed in this thread (i.e. not "HELP"). Keep posts on topic.

There is one exception to this rule - in the technical support forum, please create a new thread for your problem as it is much more difficult to help many people with subtly different problems when all are posting in one thread.

Posting in caps (capital letters) and excessive use of exclamation marks are considered shouting and must be avoided.

5. Important Information:

Threads which are marked as important, are "stickied" at the top of the board by the moderators. Sticky threads contains important information about special themes. Before using a board, ensure you read sticky threads, especially in the technical boards, because many common problems are solved in these.

If you find that your posts have not been answered, it is likely that this is because a sticky thread or other major discussion thread has already done so. People are generally reluctant to take the time to answer a question that they have already answered 20 times before and which could very easily be found by searching.

Threads which are marked as announcements have been posted by the administrators. They contain very important information. Before using the forums, read all announcements carefully.

6. Discipline:

All forum users are bound by these rules. Any content placed on the forum in contravention of there rules will be removed or otherwise adjusted by the moderators).

The moderators (consisting of the user groups "Global Moderators", "English Moderators", "German Moderators" and "French Moderators") and administration (consisting of the user groups "Administrator" and "Focus Team") monitor the forums to ensure that the rules are complied with.

When a user breaks the rules, the administrators and moderators will manage this as they see fit. The administrators and moderators reserve the right to warn or ban any user for any reason.

The administrators and moderators aim to ensure that these forums are polite, respectful and a useful resource that all can enjoy using. Administrators and moderators will review any incident on its merits and will make the decision they believe to be most appropriate. Whilst they have no desire to discipline users, sometimes this is necessary. Their decision is final and must be complied with.

7. Moderating Content:

It is not possible to watch the forums around the clock. As such, breaches of the rules cannot always be moderated immediately.
To keep the forums polite, we invite members to use the (!)"Report to moderator" button on the top of each post to report any posts which breach the rules. The moderators will review and attend to any reports as soon as possible.

All content posted by users is entirely their own responsibility. If a user publishes illegal content, they may be subject to law enforcement action.

Whilst the administrators and moderators make every effort to respond to breaches that they become aware of, they cannot guarantee to prevent posting of illegal content on the forums.

The moderators will interpret these rules flexibly, exercising their judgement on how best to apply the rules in specific situations.

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