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Re: Welcome!

Postby starbuccities » 20 October 2010, 13:41

Hi Everyone, Just call me Starby.

I am a big fan of city building sims games. Until CitiesXL came along I mostly played Simcity 4 (and TheSims1, 2 and 3 as i love building houses as well as cities) :mrgreen:

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Re: Welcome!

Postby Loyal_Ace » 20 October 2010, 19:38

Hi All,,,,

I am glad Cities XL 2011 back, hope this time is a better City Simulation and see more improvement than Cities XL 2009.

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Re: Welcome!

Postby redrover » 21 October 2010, 19:21

Hi,All,I am a newbie on here just joined.just downloaded the cities xl 2011 to my drive.now all i have to do is get the activate code to start it.hope it works after reading some of your comments.off to load it now,bye see you later to give my comments. :D

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Re: Welcome!

Postby seb_uk » 26 October 2010, 19:31

hi im seb, i smoke weed play games and listen to hiphop :D

David Hoyle
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Re: Welcome!

Postby David Hoyle » 24 December 2010, 21:35

Hi all I'm David from Lancashire UK :P ,
My wife and I bought CXL 2011 as soon as it came out - old school SC4 Rush Hour player and stuff like that.
Been reading post after post intensely trying to get to grips with the game mechanics and things. Still faffing around trying to get a city of any decent size made yet but my wifes made some decent sized ones.
Great game so far apart from some annoying flaws but I'm learning to work around them :D
Anyways Merry Xmas and all that to everyone - feeling fat from a huge Christmas Eve meal !!!
Rushing back to the custom content forums to download the road snapping mod before starting on the Volcano Map - hope to have a city journal up soon.

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Re: Welcome!

Postby causbrite » 04 January 2011, 06:17

Hi Everyone.

Name's Sean, (Causbrite) been playing CitiesXL2011 since 2nd Jan, so am really new to it. Started playing Sim City a long time ago, progressed to 2000, then 3000, then 4. Saw citiesxl while downloading SC4 on Steam for my lad (9 years old), and though I'd give it a go, so grabbed it on Steam as well. Have read quite a lot of the forum posts over my night shift, and cant wait to get home and back onto the game. had no issues so far, but really would like to see a better "Instruction Manual" to help me along.

Anyway, as soon as I get a decent city going, i'll post a shot.

Sean ;)

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Re: Welcome!

Postby mr-tom » 04 January 2011, 21:44

Hi Causbrite - Welcome to the forum. We're looking forward to seeing your cities.


Kosmic AI
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Re: Welcome!

Postby Kosmic AI » 03 March 2011, 04:45

Hello to all you city builders, :mrgreen:
Just purchased Cities XL 2011 :D Have to say that so far I enjoy the game
I didnt have 2009 and it sound like I missed out :?: I wanted to give a thanks to
Mr.Tom, Vence, and all you others for your help ;) and hope that Focus will come thru
for us all :mrgreen:

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Re: Welcome!

Postby Zahoron » 20 March 2011, 19:48

Hello everyone!!

I'm Moses from Spain, and I'm glad to be here.

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Re: Welcome!

Postby Kitsunebi » 20 March 2011, 20:09

Hello Moses :D
... quoth the raven NEVERMORE.


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