Jobs Available, But Employment Satisfaction is Low?

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Jobs Available, But Employment Satisfaction is Low?

Postby Rome101 » 17 June 2011, 22:07

Hey guys, hope this is the right forum.

So I have built a new city and I've noticed that the Skilled workers' employment is very low (it's not a big city, some 15k people). I've built several offices for them to work at, together with a bunch of city services I needed to build anyway. In the city I have about 12k unskilled citizens (trying to make a satellite city on lakeside, looking all rural and European and stuff).
I also built a big compound of farms and silos and fertilizers and such.
I noticed that many companies and farms had trouble hiring. I also received complaints that my citizens can't find jobs - while the unskilled were mostly fine, a large part of the skilled workers complained they didn't have a job - despite businesses complaining they can't find any skilled workers to hire!

Am I missing something here, or is it a bug/glitch? How do I fix this?

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Re: Jobs Available, But Employment Satisfaction is Low?

Postby Tridon » 28 February 2012, 09:39

There must exist some data behind the employment satisfaction status that is not shown to us. Especially elites are prone to have a low employment satisfaction even though the unemployment rate is 0%. It's not the exact same problem as you are describing, but it occurs from the same reason: We don't know enough about the employment satisfaction and what data it is based on.

In your case, perhaps it is because of long travel times? So long that they for some reason don't find their potentially new jobs? Not easy to say.

In my case, guess it comes from traffic congestion, but I haven't experimented with a higher capacity road system, so I'm not sure. If that was the problem, it would have been nice to get that feedback. Though, I'm fairly new to the game, so it might that this is obvious for experienced players.

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Re: Jobs Available, But Employment Satisfaction is Low?

Postby Silithas » 01 December 2014, 10:45

I started getting satisfaction issues after i reached 5k people... And even with many available jobs they still said there wasn't enough jobs.. Specially with the skilled ones.. So i ended up getting a medal for having below 10k each hour after spamming new jobs and satisfactions, school and health systems to boost their satisfaction..

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