Cities XL 2012 [performance / lag / memory leakage] topic

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Cities XL 2012 [performance / lag / memory leakage] topic

Postby citiesxlplayer2 » 11 October 2011, 05:19

First of all:
The sole purpose of this topic is to discuss the performance / lag / memory leakage bugs that so many people are suffering from in Cities XL 2011.
The question: Will all of this be solved in Cities XL 2012 ?

These issues are the main cause of people starting negative threads and posts on the forum.
The issues are the main cause of people hating on Cities XL in general.

So we need to get this out of the way, in one big topic.

Cities XL 2012 will be either praised or dumped on this issue.
If the creators can assure us that all of these problems will be solved, then lots of people will be upgrading, or buying, their Cities XL 2012.
Otherwise, 2012 will fail forever and ever.

It's neat to have modding abilities, and new maps, and new buildings, oh how nice, but seriously, we need to know: Will Cities XL 2012 even be playable?
I believe that's everyones main concern, and I couldn't find the answer. I'm expecting to find it in this topic.

Shall I buy Cities XL 2012 with a happy and forgiveable face :)
Or will I dump Cities XL 2012 and demand my money back for 2011 while being very angry and raging on how they dear to bring out 2012 without fixing any of the problems :evil:

We'll soon find out.

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Re: Cities XL 2012 [performance / lag / memory leakage] topi

Postby MR.sugar » 11 October 2011, 06:59

I think the only way to find out is wait for reviews and reactions from other players...

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Re: Cities XL 2012 [performance / lag / memory leakage] topi

Postby mr-tom » 11 October 2011, 07:56

I think we have already pretty clearly said that we have seen no performance improvements in CXL2012.

It's not a new game, it's not a new engine, it's not even a reworked engine, it is (as has already been said many, many times before):
-280ish new buildings
-15 new maps
-modding tools

It is a DLC and that is all.

Topic locked.

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