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Re: Ideas for CitiesXL

Postby MetroBlu » 05 February 2012, 11:56

eddielexx wrote:I have a lot of ideas for this game, so lets begin.

1Naming streets. How to do that? For example, we have a tool named "Rename". We click on it, and then mousepointer change its look to smth looking like a letter. We click on the beginning of the street and pull mouse to the end of the street, and that street will be covered with a white overlay. If we are satisfied, we release mouse, and naming dialogue asking us for the street name will appear. We enter it, and has street named. Street numbers will be added, starting from the first point where we clicked to make overlay. I remember that every buildings needs a connection to the road via red cube attached to the house and road, so, numbering will be easy :D. It would be amazing that when fire outbreaks, news reporter would warn us and say, "Franklin Avenue 5, we have a fire!". City blocks can be easily named too. We again click on Rename tool, and do the same thing with a mouse, but now, we wont pull it over road, but we will make a selection like when we select icons on desktop :D, and all buildings in that selection will be the part of that block. SO, reporter will say "Franklin Avenue 5, Upper Yersey, we have a fire."
I think that would add great realism to a game. And ofc, name highways too, but lets allow game to recongize highway, when we want to name it, and allow us to enter only one letter and one number. Naming parks and buildings is great too.
2. We need ability to select how many buses, trams, metros etc will be serving selected line. For example, Bus Line 1 is long 15kms, and needs 20 2hrs to make a full turn. That line has 4 buses, so every bus will be departing half an hour after the previous one. The same is for metro etc.
3. Please, add catenary for trams, trolleys and trains. I haven't seen diesel tram yet.
4. Crossroads. Make them wider, so cars can smoothly turn, because these available crossroads r so tight that I couldnt turn even with a bike. And when u do that, add articulated bus :D But make that articulation real. Please.
5. Regions are really must. Planet is cool feature, but I think its not very good for City Building. I think we should vote..

I agree 100%, i mean without such a feature as the city gets larger the game becomes DULL. Its one thing if the entire city looks alike but at least with a labeling tool similar to SC4's, that minor difference makes the game 10 times better for those who have an eye for such things (Me being that). With SC4 Rush Hour's labeling tool, I think thats what added the spice to that game- that same spice that would enable you to play the game years later without getting bored of it because it gives you real control.

But as with SC4, WITHOUT the expansion pack there is no labeling tool. With that being said, isnt there a way for Focus to create an expansion pack or a download patch or something?

I also FULLY agree on number 2, as with the correct amount of buses per hour. And instead of just "Terminal", bus lines should be named, as well as numbered. And if we cant name the bus line, it either would be named after the road it travels on (Bus 5: Franklin Avenue Line) or by its two destinations (Bus 5: Terminal to Upper Yersey via Franklin Av).

One other feature is Maps. A new tool (in the shape of a compass maybe?) should let you view your city the same way we can view road maps, like with street names, landmarks, hospitals etc... and a unsuspecting gamer should be able to confuse a cities xl map with an actual google map. The same should be done for the transit system. We can go CRAZY with these ideas!! I don't know if the game developers actually read this stuff but lets say they did, they can make a new game based on the ideas in this forum alone. $$$

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Re: Ideas for CitiesXL

Postby Simmer » 06 February 2012, 11:29

Guys, what are you talking about?
What ideas?

The main actual idea for Cities XL at the moment is to find a developer, who is able to fix old bugs, provide an adequate tech support based on patches not on using 3rd party utilities and interventions in stable users' systems.

After that one may talk about streets, crossroads, and other bangs and whistles.

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Re: Ideas for CitiesXL

Postby cobhris » 07 February 2012, 05:23

I'd suggest less static gameplay. Oh, and something that makes it more challenging to get a big city going; the CXL series has been getting easier and easier with each installment and now it takes no effort at all to get a gleaming skyscraper metropolis compared to City Life, let alone SC4. Things like the Crime and Leisure Mod should have been part of the gameplay from the get go. Buildings should be more sensitive to changing conditions instead of staying the same no matter how good or bad the city gets. Unless I have a lack of workers nobody ever goes out business. Houses never abandon no matter how bad the neighborhood gets. The game is too simple and static, and beyond balancing trade tokens there isn't really much challenge to speak of.

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Re: Ideas for CitiesXL

Postby ChivalrySpirits » 12 February 2012, 12:05

There are two suggestions:
1) Remove the square base for all buildings. Some of them have a basis in the form of "L", a trapezoid or triangle. If you will be able to pave the way around such areas, it will greatly enhance the possibility of building and planning of the streets.
2) Introduce the possibility of building underground stations on the first floor of some buildings, or the creation of models of small runs in a subway station, which would be placed on both sides of some roads, such as "prospects".

And it would be nice to be able to build embankments. Clear sanitized shoreline within the city looks more beautiful.

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Re: Ideas for CitiesXL

Postby user » 12 February 2012, 12:48

You just need a few mods to make all those things possible.
(1) Collision box removed buildings
(2) New metro station with more realistic look
(3) Some nice promenade
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Re: Ideas for CitiesXL

Postby ChivalrySpirits » 12 February 2012, 16:48

Thanks for the link.

It would be good to see another seven Stalinist skyscrapers [], and the monument "The Worker and Kolkhoz Woman" [Рабо́чий_и_колхо́зница], which are located in Moscow.

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Re: Ideas for CitiesXL

Postby Mycities » 17 February 2012, 15:51

Hi all good since I started playing the 2012 XL Cities have had problems to increase the population has what I mean is that high urbanization not Cres me because as every game began with the tutorials but always I am unskilled with the population and I can't upload to elite another thing that I'd like to improve in the game is that ubiera as a levy of the game to download cities such as Dubai, San francisco then not be if Sim City 5, 6 come with these cities thanks for your time.

Hola a todos bueno desde que empecé a jugar el Cities XL 2012 he tenido problemas para que aumente la población ha lo que me refiero es que la urbanización alta no me crese pues como todo juego empecé con los tutoriales pero siempre estoy con la población no cualificados y no logro subir a elite otra cosa que si me gustaría que mejoraran en el juego es que ubiera como una exacción del juego para descargar ciudades como la de Dubái, San francisco pues no se si el Sim City 5, 6 venga con esas ciudades gracias por su tiempo.

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Re: Ideas for CitiesXL

Postby Mycities » 21 February 2012, 04:46

Hi all I would like to leave an expansion pack or not, download some maps of cities I am looking for the city of Arab Emirates Dubai, well that is a tourist with elegant buildings and a fair for one oil-rich city begin to create a futuristic city, good thank you for taking your time.

Dubai Image Gallery: ... /dubai.jpg ... wdubai.jpg ... .jpg?w=300

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Re: Ideas for CitiesXL

Postby mikamochacxl2011 » 19 July 2012, 11:22

A monorail system w'd be good. And don't forgot to add routing to all public transports.
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Re: Ideas for CitiesXL

Postby mikamocha_ye » 20 September 2012, 14:11

Angkots are the main intracity transport in Indonesia. The word Angkot itself is an abbreviation for Angkutan Kota, and don't have english name (although Angkutan Kota literally means City Transport They're found in nearly all Indonesian cities, from small cities to metropolises. They are somewhere between cars and minibuses, can carry up to 10 passengers (actually, they don't have rules about that, drivers/kondektur (driver assistant) still accept passengers even when they don''t have empty seats anymore ), have semi fixed routes (starting from one point to another, without fixed routes they pass) , and stop everywhere they need. They need to be implemented to CXL. Advice: No need to create routes, just need to build Angkot terminals, without company (every angkot is private here, no company owned that!!!).

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