my dreams for cities xl 2014

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my dreams for cities xl 2014

Postby oldbrokenlink » 14 March 2013, 16:27

hello again.

i'm not sure what focus will be doing to bring in the new year. i'm hoping adding jit support ;)

bit in the mean time i've been working on lua debugger for cites xl. yes cities xl modders will be finally able to have a real debugger and not have to put write stuff out to the log file.

here is nice screenshot


now once that is done i was thinking that i would do a profiler so we can see what exactly things in the lua code needs to be improved.

then i was thinking of adding a real native multi threading library that would work with the version of lua that is included with cities xl. i've already done some playing around with a number of existing lua libraries and its a matter of tweaking the most promising, just as i am doing now with the debugger.

once that is done we can take what we learned when we ran the profiler and rework some of the lua to run in other threads. finally real multithreading. too bad we don't have 64-bit application :( i guess we can do something like remoting (out of process) as well

i'm figuring that wont be a problem since the existing lua code is pretty stable after all these years and i dont think focus is going to do anything big with it at this point. so reworking it should not be an issue. and focus is welcome to take anything that i've done and likes and incorporate it into the release or leave it just as a mod.

finally since we already have sockets working because of the debugger so it should not be too hard to bring back a limited version of cities xl multiplayer where community members can host their own dedicated server and players could then do things like multiplayer city trading and even things like sharing their maps so that other players can play them (sort of like steam workshop).

now it would be nice if focus got involved and work out deal with steam so that we could have real steam workshop integration. that would be sweet indeed so all those mods that exist on xlnation could be brought into steam workshop.

one thing that would be nice if focus could do is work with existing cities xl modders at xlnation to take all the mos that theyve done and move ensure that they run with cities xl platinum and then incorporate them into the product. basically work with them to ensure they work with cities xl platinum and them slowly start adding them into the product. free dlcs! i mean they have hundreds of buildings and stuff. plus expanded functionality wouldnt it be nice if it came with the game and worked out of the box without having to find them, download them, install them and dealing with all the comflicts, ect.

well i've laid my hopes for cities xl 2014 lots to do, but its all very doable. and i think all the above would make for wonderful new cities xl 2014.

the only thing i have problems with is with any gfx changes and additions required because while i can program i dont have tools or knowledge of how to create or modify gfx files needed for things like game server browser and cities trading and for sharing cities. basically some of the gfx stuff needs to have small changes and some new panels are needed.

finally it would be nice to have jit since it will make the existing lua code whether running on a single thread or multiple threads significantly faster. ;)

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Re: my dreams for cities xl 2014

Postby AnathemaDevice » 14 March 2013, 21:06

This sounds very promising. Personally I have no interest in multiplayer or Steam but the rest sounds great. :D

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Re: my dreams for cities xl 2014

Postby oldbrokenlink » 15 March 2013, 00:20

AnathemaDevice wrote:This sounds very promising. Personally I have no interest in multiplayer or Steam but the rest sounds great. :D

i understand. multiplayer is far away anyways, but it would be nice to have steam so that we can standardize the way mods are distributed. right now we have xlnation, which is amazing, but their is no mod manager like other games have, so its all has to be done manually. right now when someone updates their mod, i don't know about it, i have to literally go there every day and check and manually download and manually install it and deal with issues on my own. it just would be nice if all that sort of happened automatically like with other games. doesnt mean it has to be steam, but they have standard api that games could adapt, i guess one could be created that used xlnation and hopefully they are working on it, but so far none exist. none exist for modders and for players.

also would be nice if there is standard api that modders could use to interface with the game, right now you basically have to edit the game files which is a problem when you have multiple mods stepping on each other. would be nice if event/listeners could be setup at key apis so that the game code would only need to be modified once and then modders could change their mods to register for an event and have a listener be called when the event occurred. also have standardized api for mods to load and unload and find out what other mods are loaded and what version, ect. and standard api for doing things like adding a button to a menu, seeing what buttons exist, ect. some of this is almost there but not fully fleshed out. with a standard api it would greatly simplify creating and using mods.

anyways all these things are far off since i can only do so much at a time. right now this week and next week the finishing up the debugger. cause without a debugger is just makes modding harder.

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