Problems with XLnation

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Problems with XLnation

Postby Genocidal » 18 April 2014, 12:50

Hello fellow builders..

I think alot of us know the XLnation community. The thing is im unable to retrieve/activate my account for a week now since the Xlnation website somehow refuses to email me a password change or an activation. Since you need a account to be able to do anything on the XLnation website. Here's my cry for help.. My question here is if there is someone here with a connection to XLnation's admins or moderators who can ask them to look into my account and why it cant be activated.

P.s. If I try to register again he does recognize my username and my email adress.
looks like my account is stuck somewhere in the void :P

XLnation Username: Genocidal
If necessery i'll pm you my email :)

Thank you very much!

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Re: Problems with XLnation

Postby viyer » 19 April 2014, 01:08

In the same spot. I try to register for an account in order to dl some mods, but the confirmation email never reaches my account. My sn is viyer00, I'd appreciate if you could also PM me with a workaround.

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Re: Problems with XLnation

Postby tapbar » 08 July 2014, 08:47

im the same been trying to get on for a year is there anywhere else i can download mods from ???

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