Xtra Large Disappointment

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Xtra Large Disappointment

Postby XLDissappointment » 05 June 2014, 23:03

had this game for a week, ticked off I paid for it!

Here are some bugs and annoying things I have found with it so far!

[1] scrolling too fast can't seem how to slow it down, no controls settings?

[2] can't change keys to awsd, and also its too fast as well!!!

[3] can't build bridges OVER WATER!!!! what's that about??!?!?!?!?!
and building bridges generally just seems to be pot luck, sometimes it works other times it doesn't!

[4] bigger roads simply DO NOT WORK.... EVER!!!!

[5] Keeps stuttering and stopping when scrolling in out (I have a GT 640 graphics card) so my graphics card is NOT the issue

[6] Select to construct some housing, for instance, and it puts in 'last thing' you made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the most irratating bug! You have to then bulldozer them and re-select the housing... I will uninstall this excuse of a game for this
reason alone!

[7] Can never EVER place famrs, there is never any suitable terrian, EVVVVVERR!

[8] notice of citizens board when I have placed leisure and cultural things, get off your fat arses!!!!

this game is a massive disappointment, and simply coming off my computer! I want my £10 back as well
but glad I didn't pay more for this buggy city don't-builder

ZERO out of 10


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