Will Cities XL Mess Up My Computer?

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Will Cities XL Mess Up My Computer?

Postby Nynjaa » 30 June 2014, 07:05

I want to get Cities XL but I was wondering if it would cause any problems to my computer. Because of all the memory leak stuff and the lag issues I want to know if it could do anything to my comp. Please tell me any detail that can happen and please be honest. Thanks!

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Re: Will Cities XL Mess Up My Computer?

Postby Tridon » 11 December 2014, 19:39

A memory leak in the game should not create any plasting problems or damage to your PC. It will make the game go a little slower after a while, but as soon as you are done playing, there should be no lasting effects at all on your computer. The problem is purely ingame while playing :)

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