Cities XL 2011 Multi tool

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Re: Cities XL 2011 Multi tool

Postby PresD » 28 October 2011, 18:53

dose this work with 2012

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Re: Cities XL 2011 Multi tool

Postby X-Flame » 28 October 2011, 20:35

This program does not work. I have a Phenom II myself (a so-called hexa-core), and there's absolutely no difference whatsoever.

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Re: Cities XL 2011 Multi tool

Postby TarrasQ » 28 October 2011, 21:58

Actually, spreading the load across cpu cores slows it down a little.

The operating system gives time slots to all the programs that are running according to need, priority, etc. In a modern OS there are about a hundred of them, most sleeping most of the time. Flushing the cpu (core) to switch between two programs always wastes precious cpu cycles.
If a program - let's say Cities XL gets one cpu core almost completely for itself, it won't suffer the tiny loss of execution time due to switching the context in the cpu. The OS will assign the other programs that run in the background execution time from the other cores. If Cities XL is being switched between cpus (=cpu cores) several times per second, there will be a performance hit compared to practically owning one core.

I'm not saying the performance loss would be noticed by humans.

I don't see any way this would improve the performance. Except, maybe (just a far-fetched maybe) if you have a turbo cpu that can go faster than normal when it's on light load, balancing heat producing between cpu cores might allow using the turbo.

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Re: Cities XL 2011 Multi tool

Postby Simmer » 28 October 2011, 22:04

The core problem is memory leak.

So affinity hasn't any significant effect in this case.

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Re: Cities XL 2011 Multi tool

Postby Stef42 » 28 October 2011, 22:11

That's why a cpu with turbo with the same frequency is faster then a non-turbo cpu.

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Re: Cities XL 2011 Multi tool

Postby peter_ng97 » 21 January 2015, 10:17

Can it used on Cities XL Platinum , let me try

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