Focus, please give original CXL owners the discount for CXXL

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Focus, please give original CXL owners the discount for CXXL

Postby jamie367p » 29 January 2015, 20:39

Hi there,

I've owned Cities XL since October 2009, its original public release. I was also a member of the beta program and I have thoroughly enjoyed playing the game over the past 5 and a bit years, although I held off buying the 2011 and 2012 versions seen as they were essentially just rebrandings of the original game.
Whilst the game has in all been enjoyable, it hasn't gone without its fair share of bugs...most notably the game engine itself, which has supposedly been fixed in 'Cities XXL' and as such I'd like to upgrade to it. However, I do believe that Focus should have put out this update for free, given that it's what the game should have been to start with and from what I can see there aren't any other major new features that I'd personally be willing to pay for.
Via Facebook and Email I received a notice to say that 'all Cities XL 2012, 2011 and Original* owners' would receive a 50% discount on the preorder. However, when I fired up steam to go and make the preorder I found that Focus weren't actually honouring the discount if you owned a non-steam version of the game. To me this seems like a bit of a kick to the teeth from Focus, given that they're refusing to acknowledge the original people who bought the game (and in my case a person who helped to test the game before it went to market). Had the game been available on steam at the time, I would have bought it...but it wasn't, so why am I being punished for it? What's more is serial keys from CDs/Digital Downloads of the 2011/2012 versions are being accepted.

So Focus, unless you're prepared to honour my original purchase (yes, I do still have the serial number) as eligible for the 50% preorder discount you will NOT be getting any custom from me for Cities XXL, which I am gutted about but I find it ridiculous that my original purchase is not being acknowledged. If the limitation is technical then fair enough although I know it is easily possible for support to find a suitable solution for implementing a discount. I hope others can agree with me.

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