Youtube = COMPUTER Freeze!!

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Youtube = COMPUTER Freeze!!

Postby Mechalic » 26 October 2010, 12:43


I find it extremely frustrating that the game does not run with youtube.

You can be playing the game all fine, and then as soon as you start watching a vid/song for background music within a few seconds the game completely freezes.

And this isnt a freeze that you can cntrl+alt+del or alt+F4 or windows tab or alt+tab out if, it freezes the entire computer!

I haven't experianced an entire computer freeze in over 4 years, and considering my computer is custom built only 4 weeks ago and runs everything else with ease, along with intel hyperthreading, its a shock that this is the only game i have ever experianced that locks the entire computer if youtube is played in the background.

I mean whats with that? (I FFXIV) Daily with no issues, yet with this game, it all goes to tears.



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Re: Youtube = COMPUTER Freeze!!

Postby biffbaffboff » 26 October 2010, 13:37

This hasnt happened to me with Youtube although it did happen to me a few times when I've had Spotify open, it freezes my whole computer for ~25 seconds and then im able to quit the game / a debug error comes up and the game closes. I just hope these issues, along with others such as poor perfomance, using only 1 core, memory leak etc.. will be addressed in the next patch because when this game actually performs well on the rare occasions (For example when you have just started a new city and there isnt much population) its actually a really good game and I enjoy playing it, its just it gets to a point when it becomes unplayable.

And yes my system meets the minimum requirements by a country mile as it's a new system i've just put together. This isnt the only game where the developers havent taken advantage of multicore's or has really bad memory leaks. Other games that I enjoy like Civ 5 or Heroes of Newerth also suffer from similar problems, so I'm guessing programming for multicores is extremely difficult but there should be no excuse for the memory leak issues...

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