Installing for the second time..?

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Installing for the second time..?

Postby ba-ad » 23 May 2011, 11:10

Hi there..i need your help :(
My computer crashed down completely a while ago for its own reasons and so did my hard disk..I didn t have any copy of cities xl game elsewhere so it s gone as well (i bought the game via internet). Using my e mail i downloaded the game again.. (of course it remains to be seen if i ll be able to use once more the same activation key, or there s no possibility to activate twice the same file..but this remains to be seen as I didn t manage yet to get to this level..
The problem is that after i downloaded the game, when i try to install it always comes the same error message about a file that cannot be extracted because it s damaged ..
the file is AppData\local\Temp\is-4HHER.tmp\DirectX9\
when i ignore this problem and go further it happens again with another file......
Does this has to do with the fact that i downloaded once more the game? Because the 1st time i did - when i fisrt bought it- , i didn t face any problem...


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Re: Installing for the second time..?

Postby Elmo » 24 May 2011, 01:59

Hey ba-ad!

I don't think the error you are experiencing is because you have downloaded the game twice. The file is probably corrupted - try to download the game again. There is no limit to the number of times you can download it. You can use the same activation key 5 times. It should be in your email.

Another reason for the error might be a bad sector on your hard disk. Did you get a new HDD or you are using the one that crashed? Anyway, try this:

1. Try to install the game on a different partition of your HDD (C: / D:, etc.)

2. Check for bad sectors:
Open My Computer
Right click on each partition of your HDD (C: / D:, etc.)
Select the "Tools" tab
Click on "Check Now" in the Error checking section
Note: I am using Windows 7, the buttons / tabs might be different on your computer.

Hope this helps ;)

P.S. I am not from Focus Technical Support so I am proposing this based on my own experience & knowledge. I still recommend you email the tech support as they might give you a different solution that could solve the problem

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