overlay citiesxl creates new meaning?

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overlay citiesxl creates new meaning?

Postby bobisme » 27 September 2014, 09:47

something as simple as running a road around fertile areas to ensure i don't build in them is made difficult by you because the overlay panel on the right hand side is utterly useless, at first i didn't think you even had one, but oh nope there it is sweet now i can segment of my fertile land, oop nope the retards make it disappear, if i wanted it to disappear i will unclick it, something sim city has over you most certainly, to say the least.
I'm not here for pretty graphics.

I bought this game along time ago, but threw it in the junk pile, i just upgraded my pc and figured what the hell lets give it another go, and straight away fails, the zoning is shit, the road links fail (to steep terrain and zoning for instance) overlays suck, trading blows advisors non existent and any advice given is generic nonsense

I saw on your face book page a vid someone had put up to show off their city and here n there i see the stamp of developer fails

Your game is a soulless cut and paste piece a crap with barely any structure or growth just exponential expansion no feel of achievement bar the 'detached' ones that clog the screen or acceptable stagnation with a city full of uneducated retards. :)

have a nice day.

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