Cities XL Monte Cristo version causing computer off

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Cities XL Monte Cristo version causing computer off

Postby Bassol » 18 November 2014, 16:59


I have Cities XL Monte Cristo edition game since long, my brother was playing it on his laptop and it works perfectly fine,
but once i got this new laptop and installed it it keeps crashing randomly by turning off the computer..

i also noticed that this is happening on specific maps, for example for the COASTS maps it works good but sometimes it shut down but for any other map it stays for maximum 2 minutes then the whole computer shuts down,,

note: i have many other large games like "Civilization V & Age of Empires III" and they both works perfectly with no errors at all...

please find me any solution because i am looking since long time and i couldn't find any..

Kind Regards,
Bassel Mortada.

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