Steam Activation won't accept my code

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Steam Activation won't accept my code

Postby MrWhItEwOlF1988 » 16 January 2015, 01:38

Hello CitiesXL group,

I was just wondering if anyone else was having difficulty getting Steam to accept their Activation code. I have an old version (retail box Disc) with a code printed on the back of the manual which doesn't seem to be accepted and was wondering if I needed to uninstall the game first or if there is another work around as I would be interested in ordering the new XXL version even more so with the loyalty discount thats just popped up on my Steam page.

Thank you in advance for any reply/response received :)


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Re: Steam Activation won't accept my code

Postby Muji-k » 20 January 2015, 06:11

I have a similar problem, I own a copy of the original Cities XL, and was interested in pre-ordering the new Cites XXL in Steam, as advertised i should get a 50% discount 'cause i own a previous game, but steam won't recognize my old key that was sent to me via e-mail, so i was also thinking if there is any workaround to let the people who have the original version to activate it on steam...

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