How do you make highway connections?

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How do you make highway connections?

Postby oneupcanuck » 25 November 2010, 22:25

First off, I just want you to know I did search the forums but did not find the info i was looking for. I just reached 500k residence and obtained highways. I left a large opening for a highway system to be built running through my city but when I tried to make connections to expressway or avenues I ran into major problems. The interchange for avenues is HUGE, so huge that even though I left plenty of space it doesn't look like it will fit unless i tear down some buildings. I also don't know how to rotate the pieces to make them fit. I still haven't been able to make the interchange connect to the avenue or to connect highway to expressway. Also, I noticed the highway is at grond level. Is there any way to raise the highway up and run roads under it or make your own on and off ramps? It just seems like the highway building tools are really limited and frankly, I haven't been able to figure out how they even work. Help please.

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Re: How do you make highway connections?

Postby oneupcanuck » 26 November 2010, 01:00

Doesn't anyone know?

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Re: How do you make highway connections?

Postby loydb » 26 November 2010, 03:10

I've made some with short segments of road, but there's bound to be a better way to manage connections.

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Re: How do you make highway connections?

Postby stason » 26 November 2010, 10:37

building highway system in builded town is a real challenge ) so i place higway system, then put a town around it )
you can make lifted higway using bridge tool, but interchanges will be on the ground.

interchanges takes a lot of place, square place. so it will be free space, but u cant build in it )
best interchanges i saw was in SC4 with Network Addon Mod (NAM), hope somebody creates similar mode for S XL 2011 )


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Re: How do you make highway connections?

Postby V4nKw15h » 26 November 2010, 13:42

Okay, I thought I would let you know some basics on highways.

Firstly, they are limited but here's the basics.

The most useful of all the interchanges is the large interchanges with ALL highway roads.
1. Build interchange.
2. Choose Highway road tool, and make and build some road off each junction.
3. Choose the Highway to expressway roadpiece that can be found in the highway interchange menu.
3b. This small piece will snap to any piece of highway, or expressway, but not directly to the interchange.
4. Choose the expressway and build this onto the above piece.

I suppose you could build it the opposite way around, but interchanges are large and fussy to place. It's usually easier to place the interchange first and then connect up the roads

To rotate the interchange hold down the shift key.

The other interchanges are rarely if ever useful. The small connecting roads usually create congestion, and so I'd suggest starting out with the larger interchanges unless you find a use for a smaller one.

Off roads and on roads are not possible. Some players make custom interchanges by building all the roads and ramps manually but these are incredibly fiddly to make and don't add any advantages other than having something unique in your city.

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Re: How do you make highway connections?

Postby mr-tom » 26 November 2010, 23:13

Good reply. I've added it to the FAQ.

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Re: How do you make highway connections?

Postby mikamochacxl2011 » 06 December 2011, 12:24

I'll show you a very, very simple, 4-way interchange.
Required Mods:
Realistic Highway Mod

First, draw perpendicular highways each way:

Then, divide the longer section:

Delete the highways between the dividing roads:

Connect them as shown:
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