Union of Cities XL Journals

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Union of Cities XL Journals

Postby HotChocolate » 07 September 2010, 10:31

Hi everyone!

As you all Simtropolis members may know, ludmamm had the idea of a Cities XL UN-like union over here by the name of the Union of Cities XL Journals (UCXLJ). It is now officially up and running with 3 starting members; ludmamm, Damastius and me. If you want to join, you can over here at Simtropolis (you'll have to register). There you'll have to fill an aplicattion form with a map of your country, a flag, a name (of course :P), a capital, etc. . I'm looking forward to see some of you joining there!

Maybe in the future we can do it here too, but unfortunately currently it's only there. :(

HC 8-)

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