Offices quality of life low...

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Offices quality of life low...

Postby gamester » 23 June 2011, 05:40

I'm still fairly new with this but...

I've decided to Start everything out high density to utilize space. All seems to go ok but my industry areas have problems. The offices are constantly giving me low quality of life all the time. I usualy put offices in the middle of industry areas. But I put green and retail and luxry and motel nearby to try to quality up. but nothing I do improves the quality of life for them. Then all the industrys die out because of no offices avalible. Then no offices will even grow anymore. Just stay blank lots. Even if I buldoze and rebuild.

Any advice appreciated.

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Re: Offices quality of life low...

Postby mr-tom » 23 June 2011, 06:51

The offices are suffering from air pollution.

Either build them a long way away from industry (like in another city), or install one of the pollution control mods found in the mod index.

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