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Postby gregsully » 28 November 2011, 06:55

I do apologise for the vagueness of the Subject. When I think of Focus, I think of trainz (many games I Own now, but not to play trains). But one of the things I cannot figure out is where to get trains, freight and passenger, Fertiliser and other required elements that seem absent from the game. I am also wondering if there is a additional tool that would allow me to design structures or utilities to make the city jump to life in more and interesting ways.

I am in the real world, preparing a proposal for MIT and some other organisations along similar design avenues (sadly I cannot say). But this is by far the nicest designed Simulation and a true asset along with other Simulators designed by or adopted by Focus.

Thank You


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Re: Trains

Postby X-Flame » 06 December 2011, 16:31

No trains in the game.

Freight and Passenger Services are obtained by building more intercity links.

Fertilizer is gotten by building 5 silo's, which need 10 farms each to build. So you need 50 farms for Fertilizer.

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