What is your largest population?

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Re: What is your largest population?

Postby streetmaster » 13 October 2010, 22:49

My largest city now is Donalulu on the tropical island map, it has 4,500,000 inhabinits.
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Re: What is your largest population?

Postby Poro- » 19 October 2010, 18:56

Around 3 000 000. After that point, if map is not flat enough, traffic becomes a huge problem. Also I can't see a way to make a city self sufficient and profitable without using omnicorp. My current "megapolis" makes around 300 000 profit all the time, since it is producing over 400 tokens of fuel which it sells to omnicorp and buys food and other supplies which are difficult to produce.

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Re: What is your largest population?

Postby Bramm » 05 November 2010, 01:41

i had 2.5mill, than I went totally out of money..
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Re: What is your largest population?

Postby Simaril » 15 November 2010, 22:42

The first city I actually stuck with for a while is 400k population (Cumberland city showcase). It doesn't import anything, but exports to omnicorp freely. It's definately a little slower than a new city. When I want to build a lot, I turn the settings ALL THE WAY DOWN, which seems to help. I turn some things up when I'm casually playing, or taking screenshots.

My laptop is an off the shelf HP pavilion notebook dv9429us with just 64 x2 2.2ghz processor, 2gb ram. It's always on a fan, but the graphics card overheats and I get the blue starburst looking things sometimes. I use gamebooster to eliminate unneccessary processes etc. All of my cities slowdown after being open for a while - which is a good way to regulate my playtime ;)

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Re: What is your largest population?

Postby Philemon » 16 November 2010, 08:14

Never went over 1.8 million, but I'm not in for records. :D
After the import from 2009 to 2011, my city lost about half a million residents for reasons unknown.

But it is astonishing, how big cities can get!
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Re: What is your largest population?

Postby TheDenux » 02 January 2011, 13:34

I once had a city with 5.5 million or something around that :)

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Re: What is your largest population?

Postby AzemOcram » 07 January 2011, 08:43

The largest city I made in CXL: LE was slightly over 500,000 while I have made a 2 million population city in CXL: 2011.
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Re: What is your largest population?

Postby THEJESTR » 10 January 2011, 02:02

back in 09 my largest city was 9 million with the map filled up with medium density buildings :P i dont like to over-do the skyscrapers since because of the lack of zone buildings the same building keeps repeating too often :/

in 2011 my largest city is only 2 million though since i get bored of a city very quick and tend to start a new one xD

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Re: What is your largest population?

Postby TimotheusFlavii » 03 March 2011, 12:44

My largest city in 2009 was around 800000... In 2011, I've reached 7500000 people, and the city is still growing...
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Re: What is your largest population?

Postby pviscomi » 04 March 2011, 04:19

I have two cities, one at 12,000,000+ and one at 8,000,000+. I can tell you that I play the game on a windows 7 64bit 12GB RAM i7 Intel processor, and a better than average NVIDIA card (not a gaming) and the game lags a lot. Movements get out synch. Sometimes it is really slow. It is not due to resources, so it has to be the game running at 32bit emulation. :shock:

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