[HELP] CXL 2009 Tech FAQ

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[HELP] CXL 2009 Tech FAQ

Postby Winter Dragon » 31 October 2010, 04:31

I've put together a few common issues as to why the game won't run, but if you're still having trouble please read the 'contacting tech support' section further down.

Q. The game says it can't connect to the servers.
A1. You need the latest version of the game or it won't work.

If your game version says '', please download the B3 Patch
If your game version says '', please download the B4 Patch

Both patches will update the game to v1.0.0.457, the final version of the game.

A2. You will need to be online the very first time you enter your username and password. This is a once-only requirement to authenticate your username and password, after which you never need to be online again even if you reinstall the game.

Q. Does the game require .NET framework to run?
A. Yes, you need at least .NET Framework 2.0.

Q. I have .NET 4 framework only, will the game run with this?
A. No. It will give a runtime initialization error. You need to install another version below version 4. I suggest version 2.0 as it's bundled with the game's installer, but 3.0 or 3.5 may work just as well.

Q. I have Windows XP 64 bit and cannot use the .NET 2.0 in the game's installer because it is 32 bit.
A. You can download a 64 bit version of .NET 2.0 at the Microsoft website. Link

Note: Windows 7 will not use this as it already has .NET 2.0 installed. Make sure ".NET support" is turned on under windows features. I think it might be disabled by default.

Q. My game crashes randomly.
A. Do you have any mods installed? If so, please remove them all and try running the game again. If there are no further crashes, slowly introduce the mods one at a time to see if you can isolate which one is giving your problems. If the crashes continue, I think it is best to contact Technical support via email.

Contacting Tech Support

How to prepare a Microsoft DirectX Diagnostic Report
1. In Windows hit Start > Run and type in 'dxdiag'.
2. Give it a minute or so to load through the various diagnostics, then click "Save All Information".
3. Save the .txt file to a place you can find it easily. I suggest the desktop.
4. Attach this file to the email you send (see below.)

Finding the game's latest .log file
1. Navigate to your windows user profile area, "App Data (or Application Data)\Monte Cristo\Cities XL\log"
2. Select the latest .log file, not the other type.
3. Attach this file to the email you send (see below)

Send your email with both attachments to: support@CitiesXL.com or support@focus-home.com (both get seen to)

- Subject: Name it 'CXL 2009' with a short description of problem.
- Message: A short description of the problem and what is happening. Also mention you've attached the 2 files for them to look at.
- Attachments: dxdiag.txt, your latest game .log file (don't forget to attach these!)

Note: Monte Cristo are not handling support for CXL 2009, it is now Focus Home Interactive. In any case be civilized and polite in your dealings with them no matter how frustrated you feel. Be patient and give them time to respond. (Usually within 2-3 business days.)

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Re: [HELP] CXL 2009 Tech FAQ

Postby djbub14 » 13 January 2012, 18:48

Ask me to my question, please.

If i press pause and build many water pumps (it can't to build more than one on same green area; near). They bring me more water resources or not? Somebody said to me "more". I tested and can't understand. I guess more, but anybody can say to me, what are you thinking about it?

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