Cities XL 2009 Serial/Cd key recovery

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Cities XL 2009 Serial/Cd key recovery

Postby Nyirog » 19 January 2015, 13:36

Hi, I bought the boxed limited edtion of the game at my home, Hungary at Cdgalaxis shop, and activate it at 2009 October 09, with the same e-mail My problem, and the reason why I write here is to ask is there a chance to somehow recover my old game's registered serial number? - I think I am still registered in the old monte cristo sytem (I dont know if its still exists) because sometimes I got email abaout the new versions of Citites XL. Well I haven't played it since the game got offline, but I read about the chance of 50% -off, and if I read it well the Steam system handle this old games serial number, I just would like to add the old one to my steam library to the others - thats reason why I asking about this. I payed cash, not credit card at the shop when I bought this game. Now I am ashemed, but the reason why I cant find my code after the activation when I played the game and saw it was very unfinished and needed monthly price, I put it into the deeps of my cabinet, and maybe one year later when I cleaned it, it droped into the trash - I ve never imagined that Focus Home will support the game for so long.

If the recovery is not possible its okay, It just worth to ask it.

Thank You for the answer in advence.

Yours Sincerely:
Nyírő Gergely

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