What's your favorite food?

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Re: What's your favorite food?

Postby samualwicky » 07 September 2011, 16:27

deep fried wantons :- wantons wrappers filled with ground pork and a variety of vegetables and seasonings before deep-frying.
it is very delicious food
it's very healthy food with less calorie
and with less oil just tried it once
i am sure you would like it :lol: ;)

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Re: What's your favorite food?

Postby Oliver » 07 September 2011, 17:11

For lunch I had Rumpsteak with peppersauce on potatoe and mushroom Strudels today. ;)
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Re: What's your favorite food?

Postby peluche » 07 September 2011, 17:28

my favorite foods: salads, I love all vegetables, and my drink out of water, grapefruit juice :D

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Re: What's your favorite food?

Postby BUILDER GUY » 18 October 2011, 20:57

Food: fries,salad,sushi,all meat
Drink: sprite

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Re: What's your favorite food?

Postby binarydaemon » 24 October 2011, 13:50

apple brined-butterflyed pan seared oven roasted duck/with a port reduction duck pan sauce, roast parsnip and potato buttermilk mash, cranberry apple rhubarb chutney, fresh made french rolls - this is perhaps one of my fav things to cook and eat :)

my 2nd fav being herb crusted french cut lamb chops med-rare with steamed sweet potato mash little heavy cream some pecans of course.

and perhaps brined, pan seared oven roasted whole chicken with a sauvignon blanc reduction pan sauce, fresh blanched green beans, roast parsnips with just a little EVO and fresh rosemary or thyme (sometimes I like to use some of the duck fat and make like a duck confit with the parsnips adds a nice flavor), and of course fresh rolls :)

perhaps I should mention I am a cook? ;p

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Re: What's your favorite food?

Postby binarydaemon » 29 October 2011, 15:50

Coq au Vin, finishing it with a roasted cauliflower and red pepper bulgur and spreading some of the Coq au Vin pan sauce across the bulgur :) fresh parker house rolls.

Port Wine and roasted Pearl onions Braised Chicken, pearl onions and bulgur with port wine reduction pan sauce.

my 2 fav meals of the week ;p

also using butternut squash and heirloom long neck pumpkins

buttermilk ginger bread pancakes, buttermilk pumpkin pancakes which comes in a close 3rd :)

fresh grated ginger or fresh cooked/mashed cooking squash for the pumpkin, takes it over the top and the buttermilk makes a huge dif in texture and taste compared to a cream or milk.

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Re: What's your favorite food?

Postby skvoha » 10 November 2011, 22:48

old good hearty russian food... anything that makes me feel warm and nice inside)))) especially soups!!! can't live a week without having a soup.... i cook the chicken one very often: it's good for stomach and for general well-being... if i have a flu or a hang-over :D it is the best soup to heal me)))
for alcohol: cosmopolitan or white dry wine... nonalc: green tea with jasmine - can drink like 10 cups of it in a day...)))

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Re: What's your favorite food?

Postby Rick » 23 November 2011, 02:52

Lasagna, there's nothing better. <3
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Re: What's your favorite food?

Postby Fantail » 28 December 2011, 17:12

Bacon wrapped venison k-bobs with portobello mushrooms, fresh peppers & sweet onions. 8-)

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Re: What's your favorite food?

Postby bperry » 16 January 2012, 03:24

My comfort food would still have to be burgers and pizza though as of late, I have been fancying on a lot of Asian noodles, like the Pad Thai because it just tastes so nice.

I actually tried to make one some time before but failed quite disappointingly with it, which I assume is caused with the lack of the extra ingredients they use for it to taste even better.

As for drinks, I actually prefer to drink mango or four seasons juice over soda, any day.

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