The future of gaming

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The future of gaming

Postby Denco » 27 April 2011, 02:37

I can't believe the type of video games out there. I just got Black Ops for Christmas, and although I was thankful for it, i cannot see how it is so popular!!! I guess it provides the two things teenagers like- swearing and senseless killing. Those games like "Modern Warfare 2" are also utterly inaccurate. I read a autobiography on real modern warfare.. And also, I don't know if I want to live in the future. I just overheard two teens (I am also a teen) talking about "just nuking". Who wants to live in a world were it is "just nuking" and "killing and swearing is perfectly fine..."

What happened to real games like Spyro, Wii games (which I can actually play around my family) or even the James Bond Games? Also, games of construction or intelligence. Portal 2 and the Simcity or City builder-games are saints!!!

Question: how do you view modern and popular video games?
What do you think the future of gaming will be like?
Feel free to share your opinion, this is just mine, and if yours disagrees, I will accept it, but not agree with it!
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Re: It makes me sad...

Postby Elmo » 27 April 2011, 04:29

I didn't enjoy Black Ops either. I generally don't mind swearing (even though I swear very rarely), but I also felt there is too much of it in the game. The line between an acceptable amount of swearing and overdoing it is very thin.

One very popular action game that I really like is Mass Effect 2 (haven't played the first one). I got it recently and I can honestly say it is the best single player action game I've ever played. It's been selling really well which is not a surprise to me.

However, I've never been a really big fan of first and third person shooters. Mass Effect 2 has an RPG element which probably makes it more appealing to me. Anyway, I definitely prefer games where you have to think more than act, like business simulations (tycoons) and strategies.

C&C Generals is definitely the best strategy game to me. It wasn't as popular as WarCraft 3 but I definitely liked it more. Unfortunately I haven't seen a good strategy game being released in the last few years, except Europa Universalis 3, which is one of my top 10 favourite games of all time. There haven't been any good recent releases of tycoon games either, since the latest expansion of Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. Luckily, Airline Tycoon 2 is coming out this year! The first version was not very popular although it's amazing. It's a must - have for all tycoon lovers.

Over the last few years MMOs, and especially MMORPGs have taken over the market as most played games. I was a big fan of WoW when I had the time to play it (before commencing university education). Unfortunately MMOs are designed to take A LOT of your time turning you into a junkie, mercilessly devouring your life then spitting out the pathetic remains.

The future of gaming looks full of first and third person shooters, MMORPGs and racing simulators as most of the games released in the last few years fell in those categories. I'm not very optimistic about the future :?

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Re: The future of gaming

Postby snick25 » 27 April 2011, 22:16

I agree completely. Unfortunetly, most games these days are senseless "shoot-em up" games, and contain nothing but blood and violence. They cost $50, take about an hour to play and have NO story whatsoever. The worst part IMO is that people flock to buy these games like a bunch of sheep... (no offence to anyone). Of course, this doesn't apply to ALL shooters. Only five years ago, these games were longer, had believable storylines, and had much more replayability than they do today. Now, when it comes to city-building games such as SC and XL, I think we're generally headed in the right direction.

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Re: The future of gaming

Postby brynhyfryd » 04 June 2011, 13:44

As a gamer for most of my life, I must say that games today are poor to say the least.

The best days for me was when Bullfrog, Westwood, Maxis were around and thriving. I spent hours playing these games:-

Simcity 2000 + SC4
Theme Park(1994)
Theme Hospital
Command and Conquer
Railroad Tycoon
Transport Tycoon
Warcraft 1/2

This is just to name a few.

All we have today is Call of Duty and Gears Of War. Dont get me wrong as they are great games but thats all studios appear to be making these days. FPS :cry:

Games used to be challenging with plenty of aspects and strategies to consider in order to progress through the game. Even FPS games are easy these days. When I used to play Doom you had to constantly keep an eye on your health or you were dead. The only way to gain health was to find health packs. All you do in modern FPS games is hide around a corner for 10 seconds.

I typically buy 2 games a year these days as oppose to 2 games a month when i was a kid. Bring back the old days ;)

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Re: The future of gaming

Postby mr-tom » 04 June 2011, 13:55

There were some greats:
Tie Fighter
Elite 2 & 3
Alpha Centauri
Wolfenstein 3D
Xenon 2
Doom 2
Wing Commander
Subwars 2050
Monkey Island
Red Alert 1
Mech Warrior and Mech Commander
Jedi Knight & MOTS

But you know what? I think there's some great modern stuff. Whilst I loved KOTOR and the first Mass Effect, they were both buggy. I think that RPG really came of age with DAO and ME2 (although Oblivion and NWN2 were great forerunners) Likewise, whilst I've played Total War since the original Shogun, I also loved Napoleon. I think this year is a really exciting year for games (although granted maybe not all that innovative with the possible exception of From Dust). I'm looking forward to some new releases, and I'm also loving the release of some EA games onto Now all we need is Lucas Arts...

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Re: The future of gaming

Postby Kitsunebi » 04 June 2011, 16:27

I would like to add to these lists of old beloved games:

Age Of Empires 1 + 2
Call To Power
The Anno-Series and
DUNGEON KEEPER! It was such a fun!! :lol:

But I have to agree, there are only few modern games I like - but it's maybe how you grew up with these games you used to play!? :roll:
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Re: The future of gaming

Postby cobhris » 06 July 2011, 19:38

I think it's just quality overall going down. I got into FPS kind of late (around 2006; it was the last new genre of game for me to start in) and even from then to now the quality level has dropped so drastically it's not funny. Call of Duty went from an engaging and fun FPS to a regurgitated excuse for a game rereleased annually. Battlefield went from a great tactical game to a mindless spamfest. C&C went from one of the greatest RTS series to a cheap and unfinished game. And we all know what happened to SimCity. Publishers and their development houses have realized that they can get away with selling half-baked garbage because most people who buy their games have no standards whatsoever.

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Re: The future of gaming

Postby Simaril » 01 November 2011, 19:59

I'm 31 now, so obviously I'm getting to the upper end of the traditional gamer audience, but I also feel like game are becoming more immature and shallow. I really love video games. I played most new consoles as they came out starting with Atari, and including some that many people forget like Dreamcast! I still love and ocassionaly play OLD games like:

Atari: Pac man, qbert
NES: super mario brothers, Zelda, mario 3
SNES: mario world, final fantasy 2, 3, sim city, sim earth, Other Nintendo Zeldas
PS2: ff7, tactics
PC: Age of Empires - older versions are better in may ways
Gauntlet and Baldurs Gate type games on whatever systems...

I have only ever enjoyed like 2 FPS games: 007, and Halo. I really liked MMOs, including Phantasy Star (all 3), EverQuest on PC and PS2, FFXI, And WoW which has taken a bad direction imo (trying to be everything for everyone). I've played other online games like Eve, and Europa Universalis too.

The overwheleming problem I see is way too much focus on graphics, while often completely disregarding aesthetics. I also don't feel that game play has improved... in fact i think it's gotten WORSE in many cases.

I think FPS are generally shallow, and I'm guessing part of the reason they're so prevalent is that you beat the game and then buy the next one. I also really don't like PvP in general, and wish PvE games wouldn't ruin themselves by adding a poorly implemented PvP component (PvP obviously belongs in FPS, sports, and racing games, but not neccessarily every mmo).

It's extra frustrating that wii isn't gong to relase (in america) one of the few wii games that's really interested me recently: xeno blade. WTF? ... n-america/

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Re: The future of gaming

Postby X-Flame » 02 November 2011, 16:05

Wanna know what happened? Gaming got big. And in order to please as many people as possible, they started rehashing all the current standard stuff. Explosions, 'epic story with WWIII at stake', you name it. Gaming got mainstream. That's what happened.

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Re: The future of gaming

Postby BUILDER GUY » 04 November 2011, 02:05

I agree with xflame
Gaming got profitable
The only fps I play is rainbow six because it involves some thought about hostage rescue...
I mainly play constructive games because I find them more interesting

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