Lake Kajake (A Study of Traffic and Efficiency)

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Re: Lake Kajake (A Study of Traffic and Efficiency)

Postby veija2 » 23 September 2011, 12:52

I am picking up this thread again after a long time away. Just wanted to say "thanks" again, for sharing the best tutorial ever written about this game. I'm looking forward to what you have to say about the new release. I know I'm with a lot of others when I say that I won't waste my money on more buildings and mod codes if other irksome issues aren't addressed too.... course, if YOU can make it work . . . .
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Re: Lake Kajake (A Study of Traffic and Efficiency)

Postby yajidsamttar » 08 October 2011, 18:29

I was wondering how you could manage the utilities?. Especially in waste treatment. I made some fuel field to export to omnicorp. And gaining some profit from it. But i realize that fuel make my waste treatment over consumption. And there is a lot of monthly cost when i build junkyard or dump to make it balance,. It will reduce more than 60% of my profit. How you control and manage it?? :?
Sorry for my broken english :oops:

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Re: Lake Kajake (A Study of Traffic and Efficiency)

Postby X-Flame » 10 October 2011, 11:32

Build a separate waste management field would do the trick. You can't 'just' specialize into something. Everything has consequences. In this case, you either export enough fuel to make up for the import of waste, or you build you own waste treatment, but that will only increase the demand for water. So the first option is the best here. USE THE SPECIALIZATION buildings. Seriously. All those 'increase fuel production' buildings are what makes your funding skyrocket. They take some extra monthly cash, but they are well worth the price.

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Re: Lake Kajake (A Study of Traffic and Efficiency)

Postby Dougalis » 24 October 2011, 03:07

Hey man!! not sure if your still reading this or not but just thought id say your city looks amazing mate. I'm so into these city builder games but alas I can never make something as beautiful as you:( I'm not sure if its just my inabality to plan out an apealing looking city or just failing to understand concepets such as feeding citys. Anyways maybe oneday I can maybe come up with something to rival yours !

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Re: Lake Kajake (A Study of Traffic and Efficiency)

Postby cobhris » 30 December 2011, 05:01

V4nKw15h wrote:I'm from the UK and we don't really have a name for what you call a street. A street here is a more generic term used in many circumstances. The junction type you refer to would be a 'give way' junction here. The US has stop signs, we have 'Give way' signs.

We have the same thing here; it's called a yield sign. They're more typically used at merges though, and they're different from a stop sign in that you only have to stop at a yield sign if there is incoming traffic on the main road.

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Re: Lake Kajake (A Study of Traffic and Efficiency)

Postby Tridon » 05 March 2012, 16:30

I'm relatively new to Cities XL 2012 and city building games in general, so for someone trying to get up to speed on how things are glued together, this thread is just awesome. A thread is not as structured as a tutorial or FAQ, but I have rarely, if ever, seen a such a thorough explanation of some basic and complex concepts in a game. This is a pure gold mine and has made this game extremely fun and addictive :)

I'm sorry for reviving such an old thread, but this kind of knowledge deserves not to be forgotten under layers of dust.

Fun fact: If you are still alive on this forum V4nKw15h, I have implemented some of your ideas of traffic flow as best I can in a city using only small farm roads. I managed to stack up a self supplied population of 960k, before it now is starting to crumble. I guess 800k should be fairly stable without losing money. Your tips and explanations are simply amazing.

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Re: Lake Kajake (A Study of Traffic and Efficiency)

Postby ianjohnson » 20 December 2012, 12:08

nice is helpful..i appreciated your effort..I would like to see more posts like this.thanks

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Re: Lake Kajake (A Study of Traffic and Efficiency)

Postby Heppy » 16 January 2014, 17:13

Hey, I've started playing CXL2012 recently and really enjoy the game sofar. Although I have alot to learn and which ended up in me reading this thread. I can understand most of V4nKw15h description of everything but sadly all the images has stopped working and the zip download in the first post isn't working neither. So I'm basically just wondering if anyone have these at hand? And would be able to upload them somewhere again so I can take apart of them?

Would really help me alot.
Regards, Heppy.

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Re: Lake Kajake (A Study of Traffic and Efficiency)

Postby tootallbob » 16 March 2015, 19:18

I was looking for information on Quality of Life for the game Cities XXL and I came upon things you have written quoted in the Wiki. I wanted to see picture of this city you are talking about but the link to the photos and flybys is broken. Do you have an update on their location?

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