[HOW-TO] Post images

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[HOW-TO] Post images

Postby Oliver » 30 October 2010, 11:33

Hi around!

Here is a step by step instruction how you can post images on the board. There are two ways how to post images which I am going to explain here:


1) Make an ingame Screenshot by using the key F11 or using the camery symbol on the camera options. If you want to have a screenshot with the user interface press AltGr+F11.

2) After finishing your photo session on the city, leave the game and go to:
[Win Vista/7]C:\Users\*Username*\Pictures\Focus Home Interactive\Cities XL 2011\(Screenshots)
[Win XP]C:\Documents and Settings\Pictures\Focus Home Interactive\Cities XL 2011\(Screenshots)
All your screens made before should be there.

3)Use a image manipulation program to resize your pictures. Not everyone has a highspeed internet connection, so 104503px images are not really optimal ;) You can use photoscape (http://www.photoscape.org) for example.

4)Now you have two options to choose

1) Using the "Attach a file" feature

1)Resize your image to a scale of ~800x600px. Save the resized picture.

2)Open the board and create a new answer or thread. Write your text down in the answer box and than click on the "Attach a file" button below. This button is just between "Creating a Poll" and "Options"

3)Click on the button "browse" and choose one of your resized images from your harddrive. When you choosed it, click on "OK"

4)Than the name of the file should be displayed in the little box in the attach a file box. Click on "add this file" to add it to your post.

5)If you want, you can add a little description of your screen by using the "File's comment" box.

6)After adding all the screens you want, save your post.

2) Using an imagehoster

1)Resize your picture as much as you want, but please not larger than 1024px on the longer side (best size is 800x600). Save your resized picture.

2)Open a free imagehoster (e.g.: imageshack.us, ld-host.de, directupload.net, abload.de...).

3)Click on "browse" and choose your resized picture from your harddrive. After choosing all your pics click on "Upload" (can be different in several imagehosters)

4)After uploading a code should be displayed for each picture. Choose the code which says "BB-code" (should usually begin with an [img] or [url] tag)

5)Copy the BB code into the answer box. You can write a comment just under the code.

6)Click on preview and check that you've done everything well. If you don't notice any issues, click on "Save Post"

And finally, have fun with your CJ! ;)
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Re: [HOW-TO] Post images

Postby devilation10 » 18 December 2010, 08:26

Hey i just tried uploading a picture that was resized to 800x600px and is was still to big it needs to be below 256kib
The size that's best is 640x480 the picture is still big enough to enjoy it

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Re: [HOW-TO] Post images

Postby TheDenux » 19 December 2010, 00:06

I would recommend using the ImageShack Uploader. Which can be downloaded for free.

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Re: [HOW-TO] Post images

Postby Winter Dragon » 28 January 2011, 01:09

If your filesize is still high after resizing the image, try opening and saving in MS Paint. This uses proper jpeg compression and will reduce the filesize considerably.

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Re: [HOW-TO] Post images

Postby Denco » 29 January 2011, 02:08

I have something that says, "Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached." Help anyone??
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Re: [HOW-TO] Post images

Postby mr-tom » 29 January 2011, 08:47

Denco wrote:I have something that says, "Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached." Help anyone??

Yep. You can't upload images directly to the forum - it's full.

Instead you'll need to use a host such as photobucket (instructions in option 2 above)

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Re: [HOW-TO] Post images

Postby adisteve21 » 13 September 2012, 12:20

How to upload image blogger post? :?

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