[Huge City] Sheona Plains 7,510,727 people

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Re: [Huge City] Sheona Plains 7,510,727 people

Postby youngcitybuilderg » 25 April 2011, 22:40

Look in the City showcase for Clayburgh Cove. I hope this has a little more realism to it before I start a full blown city here.


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Re: [Huge City] Sheona Plains 7,510,727 people

Postby mikamochacxl2011 » 12 July 2012, 09:03

youngcitybuilderg wrote:Thanks for the feedback. i know this city isn't to realistic or beatiful, but i was going for the population and it is my first city :)
My city called Sheona City completely crashed through at 20.5 million people, so I want to start another city. a couple questions:
1. How would you make a great highway with custom interchanges? i've seen people post cities with these custom interchanges on the forum.

2. What would make a skyline look absolutely amazing and still realistic?

your help is apprecitated


First, you can use RHM with UIM on XLN.
Second, you can build a city with very few office skyscrapers, but many residential high
You cannot download most mods in xln without this Mod: XLN UIM.
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Re: [Huge City] Sheona Plains 7,510,727 people

Postby xiong » 05 August 2012, 00:30

nice city

but why does your city crash when you have a large population?

is this feature a design of the game, or is it that your own computer cannot process the information due to your project size?

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