[MAIN TOPIC] Mod Requests Thread

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Re: [MAIN TOPIC] Mod Requests Thread

Postby Atomius » 31 December 2011, 09:55

I already posted my overall feedback and suggestions for the game in a ranting thread made by another poster in i believe the general discussion forum.

As for individual suggestions, or ideas I am particularly attached to...

Well firstly its funny how we have livestock farms and no animals on them... purely graphical but a bit weird...\

also no farm crops or workers...

Any addition to options for transport, but that would come under additions not modifications so...

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Re: [MAIN TOPIC] Mod Requests Thread

Postby Blaze191 » 13 January 2012, 22:38

Hey, can anyone create a Naval port? I've been on many city sim games and have yet to see one where an actual military navy existed.

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Re: [MAIN TOPIC] Mod Requests Thread

Postby crisul » 15 January 2012, 09:31

How about... uhm rocks? :D and other nature stuff as well

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Re: [MAIN TOPIC] Mod Requests Thread

Postby brasileiro » 06 March 2012, 02:53

would be very good option to create hydroelectric dams, canals and rivers for them to work, or even in the same river ... Please hill will!

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Re: [MAIN TOPIC] Mod Requests Thread

Postby Kindar » 04 October 2012, 12:24

getting back into CitiesXL now that I have a better laptop.

has anyone thought about doing a City garden?

it could be the size of a low density housing. not need to be in farm land. produce 1/50th of the food resource of a full farm land, 1/60th the income for 1/40th the cost, or something like that

city gardens are becoming more popular, our cities should be able to reflect that

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Re: [MAIN TOPIC] Mod Requests Thread

Postby cos267 » 21 February 2013, 01:14

we need a mod for

unlimted water and food .

I had trading with the tokens. Frickin stupid way to do it.

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