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Re: [Mod] El L.A.V.'s Mods

Postby dublinnaru » 01 September 2011, 13:34


I cant, there isnt any download link i could click on......

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Re: [Mod] El L.A.V.'s Mods

Postby nankura » 08 March 2013, 14:00

i would simply love a way to not have to build farms, water or oil, i love cities XL, but i miss the old ways of simcity to be honest. i guess i can deal with water and oil gathering

But the forced way's of having to build large farms in one specific area which could end up very inconvenient is just unsightly

Second thing

How exactly does this mod work, is it a building, a new map, a new mode?

El L.A.V.
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Re: [Mod] El L.A.V.'s Mods

Postby El L.A.V. » 23 April 2013, 00:26

Hellow everyone, I have been so busy doing so much other stuff that I literally have forgotten all about Cities XL modding! :o
Anyways, I will be re-uploading my "sandbox" mods for everyone to use. I still dont know exactly where I will upload to but they will be up in the next couple of hours.
I am open to some requests as well but please be patient as I may not get them done very quickly due to many reasons and other games of course :P
Guess who's back??
Any game can be made better by allowing users to mod. Thanks to all modders for helping make CXL a better game.
Also I speak fluent English (of course) and Spanish, so if a translation is needed feel free to tell me.

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