Adding Mods to Mac: Please help

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Adding Mods to Mac: Please help

Postby JayRavChan » 27 August 2012, 04:50

Hi there. I got the game, and one of my friends was able to run it on my macbook pro 17". It works perfectly. Love the game. The only thing is that I really need to Realistic Highway Mod, but It doesn't seem to work. I followed all the steps..

Download he RHM2 file
Extract the file(Originally came in .rar format)
Then create a folder in the "Paks" folder in Cities XL2012.
Name it MODS (the location which all your mods will be placed)
Then move the RHM2.exe file into that folder.

Then apparently it should work. However for me it does not. Other Mac user has had this same problem. Is there anyway I can use a mod on my mac?

Thanks so much!


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