RHM2.0 trouble...

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RHM2.0 trouble...

Postby Billis » 06 March 2013, 23:59

I see I need to install The User Interface Mod 1.77.5 or higher in order for the RHM2.0 to work but I can't figure out how to get my hands on it any ideas?

If there are better mods now then I would happily use them I'm new to modding! so I need some help thanks

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Re: RHM2.0 trouble...

Postby AnathemaDevice » 11 March 2013, 22:04

User Interface Mod v1.79.1 download is on XL Nation. It's needed for most mods. There are a lot of other good mods over there. Some improve the gameplay such as the Crime and Leisure (CLM) & Health Enhancement (HEM) mods. There's loads of buildings and maps too and a mod to add extra map slots. I've only recently discovered CXL, after being disappointed to find that the new Simcity wasn't the game I was hoping for, and so far I have installed over 150 mods and 24 new maps. I haven't finished going through all that's available yet. :D

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