Blueprint Issue.

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Blueprint Issue.

Postby ACP7 » 03 April 2012, 01:18

I have constructed both the Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower blueprints in my city, Halifax. I had then decided that I would no longer want the Eiffel Tower in that Location, so I reloaded my previous save. When i had loaded my previous save, the game did not wipe the Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower, and is still building them, even though they don't exist. I'm also now Building the Empire State building, and although the building is At the percentage that it would VISUALLY (not the _/3 stages) progress to the next stage, but it stays flat. I think that it may have something to do with this bug i'm encountering. Could anyone please help me fix this problem?

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Re: Blueprint Issue.

Postby gotgold5 » 03 January 2014, 08:20

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