Special offer for Cities XL players

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Re: Special offer for Cities XL players

Postby Spike » 17 October 2010, 22:36

Will this offer last? If so, then that would be wonderful. I'm trying to earn money, but I only have $6 more to get to $20. The process will take a long time and I want this offer to last.
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Re: Special offer for Cities XL players

Postby Ylor » 17 October 2010, 22:56

Will you PLEASE remove the link to the BROKEN Metabilo sales mechanism for the discount??

These forums are FULL of people complaining about this botched discount system. People are getting RUTHLESSLY overcharged and justifiably angry. I realize that the mods have nothing to do with the sales system, but by neglecting to de-link from the discount site you are directing people into trouble. FFS stop it!

It's like you're standing at the side of the road with a sign saying "turn right here for apple pies cheap" when you plainly know that it's a train wreck, not apple pies.

Here's my sign for you to clarify what I see so far in the rollout, and it's plainly going to apply to the whole XL2011 recruitment model (and to these forums by association), unless things change.

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Re: Special offer for Cities XL players

Postby Oliver » 18 October 2010, 16:47

Your post was moved into a main thread. Please use your user control panel to find it. No need to get angry.
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Re: Special offer for Cities XL players

Postby soltan gris » 19 October 2010, 01:13

Hm, I personally didn't have this problem (although this very link didn't work for me in the beggining, I used the one in the forum).

And, as far as I know, there are many people who also DIDN'T have problems with charges. Which means that the link itself is OK.
Again, as far as I know, the overcharging was due to a Metaboli tech glitch which was resolved already.

So, please calm down, and stop posting in such an accusatory way.

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