Cities XL won't start in Windows 8

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Re: Cities XL won't start in Windows 8

Postby jayinatlanta » 27 November 2011, 11:12

I do want to note that feedback has been logged through Microsoft's beta program for Win 8 for Cities XL 2011 already. It shows in the official short list of non-working apps. I just added Cities XL 2012 to that same lost as it behaves identically.


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Re: Cities XL won't start in Windows 8

Postby nicko2u » 27 November 2011, 11:31

Gee I can't wait to get Windows 8 NOT, Win7 should be fine for a few more years! MS can shove it.

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Re: Cities XL won't start in Windows 8

Postby ahiru » 25 February 2012, 02:29

I felt I had to reply on this...

It DOES work under Windows 8 Dev, I just installed (and yes, Steam version, not standalone though) XL12 and it works like a charm.
And surprisingly, I'm running Win 8 as a virtual machine on my MacBook Pro, and even sharing my resources (the virtual Windows have 4gb ram, 720mb for video, 2x CPU cores, while the other "half" keeps the OS X running) the game runs really nice.

It runs better than the standalone XL11 version (I got the 11 version from GamersGate), that I used to play on my Mac (without Windows, running under a wrapper as if it were a Mac native app). The pseudo-native Mac version runs sluggish if the shadow is on, but it's still playable. But the Win 8 steam version runs much smoother...

If anyone out there is a Mac user and wonder how to get this game running (with or without a virtual machine, aka native .app program) just PM me, I'll be glad to help!! :)

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Re: Cities XL won't start in Windows 8

Postby ACP7 » 03 April 2012, 01:22

I upgraded from Vista to 8 Beta, and my Cities XL 2011 works just fine. Not sure why many people are having a problem with it.

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Re: Cities XL won't start in Windows 8

Postby mikamochacxl2011 » 14 April 2012, 13:30

I've just upgraded from Windows 7 x64 to Windows 8 consumer preview x64, and Cities XL 2011 works fine. But OpenGL games don't work.
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Re: Cities XL won't start in Windows 8

Postby cathineen25 » 29 March 2015, 14:36

Steam says that "The game is currently unavailable at this time"

1. Run Steam and click Library.
2. Right mouse click the game and click Properties.
3. Click Local Files tab.
4. Click Verify Integrity of Game Cache button.

If you still have a problem with Steam, this link can be helpful.

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