[INFO] About the Digital version from Metaboli online shop

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[INFO] About the Digital version from Metaboli online shop

Postby FocusTechSupport » 14 October 2010, 11:28

The digital version of the game available on the CITIESXL 2011 official web site is published by Metaboli online shop.

The activation code and the dowload links are sent by e-mail by Metaboli online shop.
If you did not received your activation code and the dowload links by e-mail, please check your Spam filter settings and look through your Junk folder.

Otherwise, for all your questions regarding the payment, the download, the installation or the activation of your game, please contact the customer support of Metaboli online shop at supportdl.focus@gamesplanet.com

If you have a purchase number, please add it in your request with the e-mail address you used to order CitiesXL 2011.

There are three files to download:

CitiesXL2011.exe application file (size: 707 KB).
CitiesXL2011-1.bin data file (size: 1.86 GB (1 951 442 KB)).
CitiesXL2011-2.bin data file (size: 1.49 GB (1 570 701 KB)).

These files must be together.
Once the three files downloaded, please check that the files size is correct.
You cannot install the game if a file is missing or corrupted (due to a connection issue during the download for example).

If you have a problem with a file, please re-download it or the whole game.

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