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What did you actually change in Cities XXL?

Posted: 06 February 2015, 03:40
by Widdux
So I pre-ordered Cities XXL and saw a lot of people being really negative and canceling their pre-orders.
I can now see why people might do that. It is very similar to Cities XL.

So I was just wondering what you changed in this game? I still enjoy the game, but multicore support is still not implemented

Re: What did you actually change in Cities XXL?

Posted: 27 March 2015, 07:30
by Spaz
Well for me, I kind of had no choice but to buy the new one - my old puter died and the digital copy was no longer supported by the retailer I purchased it from. I now have Steam. *hails the gods of gaming*

I am currently downloading my new copy and absolutely looking forward to it because I love this game. I just wish they would update the sims and get rid of the chunky, clunky cartoony look b/c it just doesn't work with the amazing detail of the rest of the game. That's the only complaint I have.

I wish someone who is a pro at this game would post a nice play through for XXL on YouTube - currently all the new XXL vids are by people who have no clue about the game mechanics and criticize it. If they actually knew the game, they would be blown away by how truly amazing it is.

Re: What did you actually change in Cities XXL?

Posted: 13 April 2015, 08:42
by Aliraza70
Honestly, you would have got a better response and more respect if you just released Cities XL without the extra X and told people it was pretty much the exact same game with no improvements, in what possible way can this game match up to Cities Skylines????