What a mistake

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What a mistake

Postby tripp » 06 February 2015, 05:47

I though Cities XXL was going to be at least what XL was, XL had it problems but it was far better than SimCity (at least the last release 5), but XXL is less than it's previous versions. It was to have road tools, as advertised, WHERE. The new engine has big problems with the execution of simple placement, roads get built on and cars jut travel through the buildings, even the terrain tools are not up to par. WHAT A DISAPOINTMENT! DON'T PURCHASE IT! YOU WILL BE DISAPOINTED! :?

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Re: What a mistake

Postby davemal47 » 06 February 2015, 14:34

Quite agree with what you say. You may as well play cities xl as this game is no different than that. I'm well disappointed, I was looking forward to this game coming out, I turned my computer off within minutes of playing this game.

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