Glad I wasn't fooled a second time...

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Glad I wasn't fooled a second time...

Postby TomSe » 06 February 2015, 20:34

I bought this game in 2009 (Cities XL original boxed version) and was so disappointed with the quality of it. The amount of bugs was seriously unacceptable and the gameplay was lacking.

Most of the bugs I remember from then I still see in some of the Youtube comments for XXL:
* lag when building simple rouds (always, not related to the city size)
* sounds of cars even when in the middle of a forest
* GUI inconsistencies/issues
* ...

Since then I was smart enough to stay clear of this game, since it most obviously has been a money milking scam ever since.
Proven yet again with the release of XXL.

Good that Cities Skylines is soon to be released so we can finally put this awful game to rest once and for all....

A Happy not-a-customer-since-2009 ;)

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Re: Glad I wasn't fooled a second time...

Postby adamblart7 » 09 February 2015, 11:28

Its a pleasure movement for you!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

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