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Moving Forward

Posted: 13 February 2015, 16:23
by Epy
Since the release of Cities XXL we have been attentively monitoring player feedback.

Cities XXL is the best version in the Cities XL franchise, developing a new engine design for better performance, offering new mod-exporter tool, opening the franchise to the Steam Workshop and bringing new content to the wide array of Cities XL content. Thus, it is the biggest technological advancement since our first release of the game, creating a solid foundation to build ever and continuing improvements to the Cities XL experience.

We are proud that Cities XL has enjoyed a faithful community since its original release, we wanted to invite this community to this new chapter of the game by offering a 50% discount. However, we acknowledge that there are players who are not happy as they were expecting a different content, and we want to try and make that right.

Going forward, we will offer CXXL players the planned DLCs of the game for free. We’ll provide more information about these DLCs in the coming weeks, but be sure we’ll continue supporting the game, as these DLCs will bring more content, and also meaningful improvements to gameplay – and we hope you will continue to share your ideas and inspirations with us!

While we believe Cities XXL is the largest and most complete Cities XL experience to date, we’re going to be working hard on making that even bigger at no cost to early adopters.

We value your feedback, and we’re listening.

Re: Moving Forward

Posted: 13 February 2015, 21:00
by KrogerKing
Thank you very much! We appreciate your support.

In today's world we are all tasked with multiple job functions and are required to complete tasks within unreasonable timelines.
Keep your heads up and power through.... Please continue to keep the lines of communication open and engage the community.

Thanks again,
Chicago IL USA

Re: Moving Forward

Posted: 14 February 2015, 15:26
by NNS1337
This sounds pretty cool.

Any informations about DLCs yet? I'd love to play them soon.

Re: Moving Forward

Posted: 14 February 2015, 16:55
by fligmin
This is good news, Look forward to some new stuff down the road. the game runs better than it used to, I quit playing it pretty fast when I originally bought it due to bugs and very bad performance. I must say its running pretty good so far and I am actually playing it still. Just need some new stuff and glad to see you care about us and are keeping us informed.

Bring on the new - you have restored some faith ATM

Re: Moving Forward

Posted: 15 February 2015, 08:02
by tina087
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Re: Moving Forward

Posted: 07 March 2015, 22:03
by phillosopherp
That sounds pretty and all but for avast majority of us the game doesn't run and you tech support is crap. I want my money back for XL (Couldn't run) and XXL (Couldn't run) I bought XXL thinking it was fixed for some reason and I should have known better. As is I will never buy another title of yours until I see some sort of relief from the shovelware that you have been putting out just to get our money

Re: Moving Forward

Posted: 12 March 2015, 16:34
by tobias02
Thanks, i love this game! :)

Re: Moving Forward

Posted: 16 March 2015, 07:17
by pasban
Hello on steam give it a little fix for that prob at the steam workshop : No more boxed cars mod.
And for Focus sorry that i must say this .Were they ashamed to repeat something. That was my last Focus title. on the steam is perfecte alternative scjon in this quarter in the starting blocks. Pity would like to have my money recovered.

Re: Moving Forward

Posted: 27 May 2015, 11:57
by tongclub62
it so great.