[SOLVED] cant make a account for cities xl

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[SOLVED] cant make a account for cities xl

Postby smokydark » 04 March 2015, 02:19

I purchased a copy of cities xl a while ago but couldn't get it to work on my old laptop. I recently brought a new computer and am trying to play my copy of cities xl. I have updated the patch made a forum account but no where can I find a place to make an account to play the game. I open the game and it needs to sign in before I can play but I cant find anywhere to register an account for it this forum account wont let me log in into the game any help would be greatly appreciated

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Re: cant make a account for cities xl

Postby FocusTechSupport » 06 March 2015, 17:47

The latest game version is required in order to connect to the Cities XL server and play the game in solo mode.
Since the closure of Monte Cristo company, the multiplayer servers were closed. The Cities XL key is no more required to play.

Please download and install the following update for the version of Cities XL:

1. Click http://support.focus-home.fr/CXL_1.0.0. ... 457-B3.zip
2. Save CXL_1.0.0.297_to_CXL_1.1.0.457-B3.zip file on the hard disk.
3. Once download done, open CXL_1.0.0.297_to_CXL_1.1.0.457-B3.zip file.
4. Run CXL_1.0.0.297_to_CXL_1.1.0.457-B3.exe application file and follow the instructions.

We recommend you to use a free download manager like Free Download Manager http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/ to download your files. This will allow you to resume a broken or paused download and should prevent the corruption of files once downloaded.

To play Cities XL:

1. Run Cities XL.
2. Do not register your copy of Cities XL, this is no more required.
3. Enter the username: citiesxl
4. Enter the password: citiesxl
5. Click the Connection button then the Play button.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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